Jason Day and Jon Rahm tease new TaylorMade P760s


Jason Day and Jon Rahm have seperately provided a sneak peak into TaylorMade's brand new irons - the p760s.

Both Day (@jasondayofficial) and Rahm  (@jonrahm) were filmed on Instagram Live alongside TaylorMade's senior director, metalwoods product creation, Tomo Bystedt.

Using the social media site, Bystedt explained the new P760 set-up while they put them to the test for the first-time on a practice range in Florida.

Bystedt explained in both videos that the new P760s are a better player forged iron set, which form the next generation of both the P750s and P770s.

The transitional set, which Day noted has a slightly thicker top-line than his current P750s, are to help with playability for the better player and will feature aspects of both the P770s and P750s, in addition to technology from P790.

The two-piece construction  long and mid irons (3-7) in the set will look similar look to the P770s and will feature the same low-density Speed Foam found in the cavity of P790s. It means the clubs will launch higher and see an increase of around to 5-7 yards at the top end of the set say TaylorMade, but Bystedt claims it won't be at the sacrifice of any playability or feel.

Meanwhile, the one-piece 8 iron - PW will be a forged construction and won't include Speed Foam, instead focusing on feel and workability.

"This is our new forged Tour iron," Bystedt says to Rahm. "This is really a replacement for the P750s and the P770s, and the goal really with this iron is to create more of a progressive set.

"The short irons are going to be very familiar, they are going to be very similar to the P750s from the look, off-set, top line.The leading edge is a little different."

"The short iron won't change too much, we're trying to make it more playable and more forgiving but basically the same look and feel," Bystedt added in his explanation to Day

"then there's a transition from the 7 up to the 3 iron where it's going to get gradually bigger, a little bit more forgiving. With the speed foam through those clubs (7-3), you're going to see a little bit more ball speed.

"The idea is that we start to put in more playability, more forgiveness and speed gradually in to the set... Not a ton of speed like a P790, but build it in where it works better for you.

"With this construction (7-3), we're getting a little more height. By putting the speed foam in there were really spreading the mass of the side to make it more stable, so if you hit it a hair off centre it's going to be a little more stable. They are exactly the same lofts (as the P750s.)

"Behind the ball they are going to be similar, a little straighter leading edge in the P760s."

Rahm, who uses the P750s, commented; "Yeah I could tell it's a little bit bigger than my 7 iron"

"That felt amazing", he said after hitting a 9 iron for the first time. "It comes out really hot. What I can see so far and feel is that it goes through the turf a little better"

"It does look a little bigger, but it does go through the turf better and I'm hitting perfect fades, perfect spin."

"It goes through the turf so smoothly, it's really amazing"

Rahm then shows off the leading edge, which he says is slightly steeper and thinner than the P750s.

On the first hit, Day also talked about the stability and interaction through the turf.

"It felt nice and stable, it was a softer feel. It felt good through the turf, it wasn't digging even though there is a bit of a change (in the leading edge). It feels pretty dang good.

"The weight of it is comparable to mine right now
.. it feels pretty solid, I'm pleased with it."

With Day and Rahm testing the iron, it's possible TaylorMade could provide full details in the coming weeks, but Bystedt did say they will be released in November.