Ping G410: Ping launch first ever movable weight driver


Ping have unveiled their first ever movable weight driver, the G410 Plus, and a new G410 SFT for 2019 

Ping might be a little late to the movable weight game, but they typically don't add new technology until they feel assured that it can add something to their golf clubs. And that’s why they’ve shied away from movable weight technology until now, because they reckon weight tracks (particularly those that go through the centre of the head) would have meant compromising on MOI performance, a key ingredient in helping golfers play better.

But now, with the launch of the G410 Plus driver, Ping are confident they have created a model which retains the key performance benefits while incorporating a movable weight for the first time. 

G410 Plus Driver
G410 SFT Driver
Ping launch new G410 Irons

Need to know: Ping G410 Plus and Ping G410 SFT Drivers

G410 Plus Driver - RRP £450

Lofts: 9°/ 10.5° / 12°
Stock shafts: Ping Tour - (Lower launch and less spin with a stable feel) | Ping Alta CB - (High-trajectory, lightweight, 8g counterweight) | Grafalloy Even Flow Black 75 - (Low trajectory, smooth feel) |  Mitsubishi Tensei Orange - Mid trajectory, slightly counter-balanced
Adjustable hosel: Yes
How much loft change: +/- 1.5°

The G410 is the next generation of their G drivers, and still retains a low CG in the back, a high intertia design and the aerodynamic elements such as the dragon fly technology and a forged T9S+ face. New additions include a new creased crown and updated trajectory tuning on the hosel. 

The biggest change to the driver is the new ultra-high-density movable 16g tungsten weight, which moves in 1/10" in each direction to influence left or right shots by approximately 10 yards by providing three custom CG locations (Draw, Neutral, Fade). The weight makes up 50% of the entire head weight, and combines with a 455cc head size to give 15% higher MOI than other competitor drivers with moveable CG locations.

ping g410 plus driver

“We’ve continued to increase forgiveness and optimise ball flight in the G410 Plus driver while adding more dimensions to driver custom fitting,” said John K. Solheim, PING President.

“Our new, movable-weight technology provides the benefits of custom CG locations, including directional control, without sacrificing MOI or ball speeds which is what we’ve always seen with other non-fixed weight drivers. The G410 Plus offers golfers a simple, logical way to customise their driver and allows them to swing away on the tee box without fear of missing the fairway. It puts tour-level fitting into the golfer’s hands. We’ve also expanded the loft and lie options with a new eight-setting, lightweight hosel that further fine-tunes ball flight.”

Ping G410 SFT Driver - RRP £450

And while the G410 Plus can be positioned to now align closely to the G400 SFT in terms of draw, the G410 SFT goes one step further in providing a fade correcting option. 

A new 16g fixed heel-bias tungsten weight sits in the 455cc head of the G410 SFT and offers more draw bias than the previous G400 SFT model. It combines with the rest of the attributes of the G410 Plus with a lighter swing-weight too, in order to help golfers maximise their club speed but also give extra time to square the face at impact.

They have also revealed new G410 irons, three new fairway woods (G410, G410 LST, G410 SFT) and a G410 crossover. 

Ping G410 SFT Driver

What does Ping’s 2019 driver line-up look like? 

Ping G400 LST

The LST can lower spin by 300 RPM, it’s got a 445cc head size, and for now at least it stays in the range, as there’s no mention of a G410 LST. Launched in July 2017.  

G410 Plus

Brand new for 2019, Ping’s first movable weight driver, it’s got a 455cc head size, and Ping say positioning the 16g weight in the Draw position gives just as much draw bias as the G400 SFT driver.  

G400 MAX

Ping’s only 460cc driver. Unsurprisingly it’s the brands highest MOI driver and is particularly good for those who gain from protecting ball speed rather than increasing head speed by using a smaller driver. Launched in January 2018.

G410 SFT

Ping’s most fade correcting driver. The 455cc head has a fixed heel bias weighting (16g) and offers more draw bias than the G400 SFT. A lighter swingweight helps golfers maximise club speed but also gives extra time to square the face at impact. Launched January 2019.

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