PowaKaddy reveal Compact C2i GPS golf trolley


PowaKaddy reveals new Electric Trolley line-up with launch of Compact C2i GPS

Spearheaded by the PowaKaddy's Freeway range and building on the success of their Compact C2i, PowaKaddy are launching a new Compact C2i GPS Electric Trolley for 2019.

The Compact C2i GPS trolley is an ultra-compact model 20% smaller than it's competitor, and features a fully integrated GPS in the handle with optional EBS.

“We are delighted to be adding to our trolley offering with the Compact C2i GPS model,” commented PowaKaddy CEO David Catford. “The 2019 PowaKaddy line-up is our most impressive range of electric trolleys ever and we are proud to be able to enhance this with the most intelligent ultra-compact trolley on the market.

“The Compact C2i has been a huge success since its introduction; the addition of GPS means that there truly is a PowaKaddy model available to meet the demands of every golfer.”

Despite the challenge of squeezing all of the technology into the device’s ultra-compact handle, the Compact C2i GPS is a cutting-edge machine that truly PowaKaddy say pushes the boundaries of electric trolley design.

“We believe our team of dedicated design engineers really have managed to successfully combine the convenience of built-in GPS with a simplicity of control married to the simple-2-fold operation that is the hallmark of this product,” continued Catford.

c2i handle

PowaKaddy Compact C2i GPS Golf Trolley: Key Features

A Simple-2-fold® mechanism ensures that the Compact C2i folds to 20% smaller than its nearest competitor.

All pre-loaded inside the high-tech handle, the new GPS delivers fast and accurate distances to the front, middle and back of the green and hazards. A brand-new screen with a full colour memory in pixel (MIP) display allows for sharp viewing in all weather conditions, including bright sunlight.

Compact C2i GPS is also compatible with PowaKaddy’s new Mobile App allowing golfers to update course maps on the go, with the trolley coming pre-loaded with over 38,000 golf courses worldwide; no annual fees or subscriptions are required.

The 2019 C2i GPS is powered by the a thin, light and powerful lithium battery and comes with an industry leading 5-year warranty.