Cobra reveal new Speedzone range: Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons


Inspired by supercars, Cobra’s new Speedzone range offers the brands fastest and most forgiving clubs yet 

Taking inspiration from design attributes of the fastest cars in the world, COBRA have unveiled their new KING SPEEDZONE Drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons. 

The new SPEEDZONE driver retains the colouring of the F9 Speedback but has a greater focus on a lower center of gravity thanks to a new weight saving titanium “T-Bar Speed chassis and a 360 carbon wrap crown design. Compared to the Speedback, 29g more mass (69g v 40g) has been moved low in the driver, which Cobra say will aid with performance.

But the biggest difference between the new drivers is the change to the CNC milled face, which has been increased by 95% in order to help with off-centre hits – a new design feature which they say is five times more precise than traditional face polishing.

In addition, a new larger profile SPEEDZONE XTREME driver features the highest MOI in a Cobra driver to date thans to a 17g tungsten weight behind the rear “exhaust pipe” design. 

Also in the new SPEEDZONE line-up are three fairway offerings. Like the drivers, the SPEEDZONE fairway woods all have CNC Milled faces, in addition to having baffler rails, and a carbon-fibre crown which saves 10g of weight repositioned to aid a low center of gravity. 

There are also two hybrids – a variable length and a one-length option, which are slightly larger than a traditional hybrid, and boast both a square leading edge and two-piece forged E9 face to aid ball speed.

Two new irons complete the latest range, which like the hybrid come in both variable length or one-length. The big change here is that Cobra have utilised carbon-fibre in its irons for the first time, using two strips to replace steel on the topline and underneath the topline and create an ‘I-beam’. The purpose? The much lighter material saves weight, allowing Cobra to move that lower in order to increase ball speed. 

All SPEEDZONE products are available at retail and online, January 24, 2020.

Cobra Speedzone Driver
Cobra Speedzone Fairways
Cobra Speedzone Hybrid
Cobra Speedzone Irons

Cobra’s SPEEZONE Drivers 

RRP: £349
Lofts: 10.5° and 9° with MyFly8 adjustability offering 7.5-12°. 

Cobra’s Speed F9 driver was one of the success stories of 2019, winning multiple times on Tour (Rickie, Lexi, Bryson) and winning in pro shops as it topped the UK sales charts.

Everything from the colour to the aerodynamics were inspired by supercars, and Cobra has taken the idea even further in its 2020 drivers, the King Speedzone and the King Speedzone Xtreme.

Cobra King Speedzone Driver
A traditional shape profile with front to back CG adjustability allowing better players to work the ball with ease and fine tune launch and low spin without sacrificing forgiveness.

Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme Driver
You probably won’t find this version in the bags of Rickie, Bryson or new Cobra recruit Jason Dufner. It’s built for golfers who are looking for a consistent, straight trajectory with maximum forgiveness. How’s Cobra done that? The Xtreme features a slightly larger shape profile with more perimeter weighting and a 17g tungsten weight behind the rear “exhaust pipe” design to achieve the company’s highest measured MOI to date.

Cobra says: “Like a race car, every component, from the internal chassis design to the exterior shaping, was engineered to maximise power output.”

This is created by using the following six key performance parameters…

1 Power Zone
The only CNC milled driver face has been expanded by 95% so Cobra can better control face and leading-edge thickness. Face and perimeter curvature can be up to five times more precise than traditional face polishing. In addition. Every face is inspected, too.

2 Strength Zone
A new titanium “T-Bar Speed chassis” removed unnecessary titanium to create more discretionary weight while maintaining a strong structure designed to withstand high speed collisions. The discretionary weight is utilized to create low CG and high inertia resulting in fast, forgiving performance.

3 Light Zone
A 360 carbon wrap crown design makes up 50% of the driver’s body, providing ample stiffness and support to the chassis while saving 25g that has been repositioned low and back and around the perimeter where it is needed most.

4 Low CG zone
Cobra says a low centre of gravity is essential for driver performance, delivering the ideal blend of ball speed, higher launch and low spin. Compared to the Speedback, 29g more mass (69g v 40g) has been moved low in the driver for optimal launch conditions.

5 Aero Zone
A new shape optimises the airflow over the head to cut drag and increase clubhead speed.

6 Stability Zone
High-speed stability is crucial whether you’re building a racing car or a driver. So the saved weight had been positioned away from the centre of the head to maximise stability on off-centre hits.

Cobra King Speedzone Fairways 

RRP: £229

There’s a trend in 2020 for drivers to come in two or three options – better player, standard and forgiving. Cobra is offering the same solution from its fairway woods, too. Engineers focused on four key areas in order to deliver distance, forgiveness and accuracy:

• Milled face: The only forged CNC milled face in a fairway wood allows for a thinner and hotter design that is up to five times more precise than traditional hand polishing.

•Face flex: A new “split rail” structure divides the rail system into front and rear portions. The front ones have been hollowed out to create thinner walls that flex at impact.

• Stability: Two Baffler Rails provide stability and speed through the turf, letting the club glide through different lies and retain its speed at impact.

• Weight: A carbon-fibre crown saves 10g; that saved weight has been positioned to lower the centre of gravity for higher launch and forgiveness.

All three also get Cobra Connect, the Across tags that let users track the accuracy and distance of every shot.

King Speedzone fairway

A more traditional model, designed with back weighting and a slightly shallower face for easy launch, higher trajectories and maximum forgiveness.

Lofts: 3FW (13-16°), 5FW (17-20°), 7FW (21-24°).

King Speedzone Tour fairway

Features a compact shape, with forward CG weighting, designed for better players that desire low spin, a more piercing trajectory and workability.

Lofts: 3FW (12.5-15.5°), 4FW (16°-19°).

King Speedzone Big Tour fairway

It has the largest profile of the three, with a stronger loft and more forward CG weighting to provide “the optimal combination of fast ball speed, high launch and low spin for extreme distance”

Lofts: 3FW (12-15°)


Cobra King Speedzone hybrids

RRP: £189

Unlike the fairways there are just two versions of the hybrid – the regular version and One Length.

Both feature:
• Hollow split rail tech: Offers for more flex at impact than solid rails.
• Back weighting: More weight low and back allows for a higher launch with more spin, to • flight the ball higher and stop it faster on the green.
• Forged E9 Face: The forged, two-piece face is thinner for more ball speed.
• New shape: It’s slightly larger than a traditional hybrid, with a square leading edge to improve alignment.

All models also come with Cobra Connect shot tracking at standard.

King Speedzone One Length hybrid
Cobra’s One Length hybrids have proved really popular in the past because the shorter shaft (it’s the length of a 7-iron) makes them a doddle to hit consistently straight.

King Speedzone Women’s hybrid
It comes in a stunning Matte Black/Rose Gold colorway, are available in 4H (21 O), 5H (24 O), 6H (28 O) and 7H (31 O) of loft and come stock with UST Recoil 450 ESX shaft in ladies’ flex and a black/rose gold Lamkin Crossline COBRA CONNECT grip.

Cobra King Speedzone Irons

RRP: £699 (s), £799 (g). 

Carbon-fibre has been used in top-end drivers for a few years. It’s very light and very strong, so engineers can use it to save crucial weight which is then moved elsewhere in the head to improve performance. In keeping with their race car inspiration for 2020, Cobra is now using carbon-fibre in its irons. 

Two strips of the material are replace steel on the topline and underneath the topline, creating what Cobra calls a new “I-beam” type of construction allowing for weight savings and structural soundness. Carbon is 40% lighter than steel, so 3g of discretionary weight has been moved lower to increase ball speed and launch in the 4-7 irons.  

Tom Olsavsky, VP of R&D for COBRA PUMA Golf says: “When designing irons, there is a delicate balance of delivering playability, feel and distance, and the Speedzone Irons in both traditional and ONE length make-ups provide all three attributes in spades. Our innovative technology has allowed us to maximize distance without giving up any feel or forgiveness.”

More stability

Cobra’s engineers focused on high-speed stability through the use of a shape which creates a wider body design around the perimeter of the club that delivers increased MOI and aids in lower centre of gravity.  

More power

Distance is still the No.1 factor when it comes to club golfers choosing new irons, so the Speedzone has a new, forged “PWRSHELL” face with an updated E9 structure that helps to lower the CG and create more springiness through a deeper undercut speed channel.  

More feel

While distance and forgiveness are massive, feel is still important. The Cobras feature a medallion system that dampens vibrations quickly to improve sound and feel, even on off-centre strikes. 

Better spin control

The irons have CNC milled “progressive spin technology”. That means V-grooves from the 4-6 iron reduce spin; U-grooves on the 7-PW optimise it and wedge-based grooves on the GW and SW create more.    

King Speedzone Variable Length 

Feature a progressive construction – delivering head shapes, grooves and hosel lengths that optimise launch and spin in the long irons, mid irons, and wedges.   

King Speedzone One Length 

All the Speedzone tech in a set design that promotes one repeatable setup and swing – for more consistency and accuracy.  COBRA achieves this simplified approach by offering matching lengths (37.50in), head weights and swing weights in every iron. 

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