Callaway's slice-busting Big Bertha B21 range


The icon is back! And the Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver, fairway wood, hybrid and iron promise ultimate distance and forgiveness for club golfers who need a little extra help.

While most Tour pros are swinging faster and hitting the ball further than ever, brands know that club golfers are not, which is why the Callaway Big Bertha B21 range is aimed firmly at players with average swing speeds who want to hit the ball longer and much straighter.

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For many years moderate swing speed golfers have been handed super-light, low-tech golf clubs, but now brands are loading up their lower swing speed models with the very latest tech.

The super game-improvement B21 family is a prime example, with Callaway saying it provides ‘Distance any way you swing it’.

Let’s take a closer look at the models in the iconic Big Bertha's new range.

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Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver

Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver.

Slices and inconsistent ball flights cost golfers distance from the tee, but the B21 driver is built to keep you in the fairway and ensure you’re getting the most yards from your swing.

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It is the first Callaway driver to deliver high launch, low spin and significant draw bias in a large, forgiving head shape designed to take the dreaded big miss out of the equation.

The ultra-low forward centre of gravity is usually reserved for less forgiving, high speed, low-spin drivers, but Callaway insist this is a new low-spin recipe for distance and accuracy at the average swing speeds most club golfers produce.

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The Big Bertha sees an advancement in the brand’s AI Designed Flash Face, with a stronger and lighter material providing faster balls speeds across more of the face to ensure distance even if you hit it off centre.

Just like Callaway’s Mavrik driver, the B21 driver has Jailbreak bars behind the face to max out ball speed from whatever swing speed you can muster, while a Triaxial carbon crown to help rinse every last drop of performance from the driver.

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Callaway have also designed a completely new shaft for the B21 metalwoods. A reasonably lightweight construction and an active tip section mean it naturally tries to add loft at impact, so shots are flighted higher to maximise carry. There’s also a specially selected new grip for the target golfer, Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet 360 Soft grip.

Available in 9, 10.5 and 12.5-degree models, each driver is adjustable to one-degree lower or two-degrees higher.

B21 driver is available from now, priced £449. 

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Callaway Big Bertha B21 fairway wood

Callaway Big Bertha B21 fairway wood.

Many club golfers fear hitting fairway woods, but Callaway say this is the easiest to hit model they make.

Many moderate swing speed golfers would benefit from carrying more woods, which is why the B21 is available in 3-wood (15 degrees), 5-wood (18 degrees), 7-wood (21 degrees) and 9-wood (24 degrees).

As with the driver, each new Big Bertha fairway features the advanced AI Designed Flash Face and Jailbreak technology, while increased offset aims to reduce slices and further increase distance regardless of your swing speed.

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A shallower face combines with progressive lengths and an oversized shape to aid consistency from both the tee and the turf.

Once again, you’ll find the specially-designed RCH shaft and Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet 360 Soft grip in the B21 fairways.

B21 fairway wood is available now, priced £279. 

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Callaway Big Bertha B21 hybrid

Callaway Big Bertha B21 hybrid.

It’s entirely plausible that the majority of your Big Bertha B21 bag could be made up of Callway’s confidence-inspiring metalwoods.

Available in six lofts (3H-8H), the new hybrid is designed to eliminate the big miss. It has a larger head and increased offset to help you get it square at impact for a longer, straighter and more consistent flight.

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Dual Metal-Injected Molding (MIM) Tungsten weights in the sole improve trajectory and make it Callaway’s easiest to launch hybrid, while a significantly lighter T2C Carbon Crown further aids launch and boosts forgiveness.

The advanced AI Designed Flash Face SS21 and Jailbreak technology also make it into the B21 hybrid, along with the specially-designed RCH shaft and Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet 360 Soft grips.

B21 hybrid is available now, priced £229.

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Callaway Big Bertha B21 irons

Callaway Big Bertha B21 irons.

The first Big Bertha irons to be designed using Artificial Intelligence, B21 get the ball airborne and keep it there!

A wider sole, thicker topline and loads of offset combine with a larger face to give golfers the ultimate game-improvement iron.

With strong-lofted irons often proving difficult to launch for players with moderate swing speeds, it’s no surprise to see the B21 7-iron, at 29 degrees, is a couple of degrees weaker than Callaway’s strongest Mavrik and Epic Forged irons.

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They say the B21’s shape has been influenced by previous iconic Big Bertha iron models, so you can expect enormous levels of forgiveness.

Each iron’s cup face is designed with AI input and they team high ball speeds with excellent spin retention between on- and off-centre hits, to improve distance consistency.

Tungsten weighting is added to get shots launching higher, and you’ll find urethane microspheres inside to absorb unwanted vibration, and ensure great feel and sound, just as you would in Callaway’s premium Mavrik and Apex irons.

B21 are available from 4-iron (19 degrees) to Lob Wedge (60 degrees) with steel KBS Max CT80 or graphite Callaway RCH shafts. Both versions come with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Soft grips.

B21 irons are available now, priced £899 (s) and £1,149 (g).

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