Callaway launch new Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft x Golf Balls


First Look: Callaway’s new Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

Callaway’s Chrome Soft ball has been a huge success, challenging once-dominant brands for pro shop sales.

The original low compression Chrome Soft, launched in 2014, was really clever, giving club golfers a tour level ball that delivered the soft feel they desired. At the same time it only cost £34 a dozen. It sparked a trend in which every major golf ball brand developed soft, low compression models of their own.

All was going swimmingly until early in 2019, when industry insiders decided to raise an issue with quality control in Callaway’s ball production. Essentially, a handful Chrome Softs found their way onto shelves with misaligned cores, which meant no matter how good a shot you hit, the ball would naturally fly offline.

Callaway held their hands up and admitted were already into a three-year $50 million investment into their US golf ball plant, and once complete, quality control would improve.
Well, now the money’s now been spent. The plant in Chicopee has doubled its workforce, installed new robotics to improve consistency, new rubber mixing machines and multiple X-Ray machines. That means each new Chrome Soft will be 3D scanned to ensure every core is centred, and mantle layers and covers are a consistent thickness.

The improvements at Chicopee also means Callaway can now make a ball they couldn’t make before – say hello to the 2020 Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X.

The covers are 10% and 22% thinner respectively. Both have larger cores (the standard ball is graphene infused, the X isn’t) and higher speed mantles, all of which means a greater difference between the two balls.

Callaway Chrome Soft
Construction: Four-piece, urethane cover
Models: White, Triple Track, Triple Track Yellow, Truvis (red/white, yellow/black)

Callaway Chrome Soft X
Construction: Four-piece, urethane cover
Models: White, Triple Track

Totting up the gains

Callaway says the new Chrome Soft gains incrementally from a larger core, higher speed dual mantle, thinner cover and new aerodynamics (both balls have different aero designs). It all adds up to five more yards over the 2018 ball.

A big opportunity for elite players

While the regular Chrome Soft produces gains through the bag, the X is optimised for a lower, tour-preferred flight and driver distance. Players who choose it are much less worried about adding yards with irons.

Which to choose

Predominantly golfers with slower swing speeds will fit best into the Chrome Soft, while faster speeds will be more suited to the X ball. There will be some crossover in the 100-105 mph range.

Triple Track

For the first time both new Chrome Softs are available with Callaway’s alignment tech. The design helps the brain processes alignment. Research says 86% of golfers who use it improve, and the more you use it the better you get.

How do the two balls differ?

Feel Forgiveness Flight Long Game
Short Game
Chrome Soft
Softer Best Straight Low High
Chrome Soft X
Soft High Workable Low High
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