First Look: Callaway Mavrik Fairway Woods & Hybrids


Callaway’s new Mavrik Fairways and Hybrids each have three versions to suit three different types of golfer

If you haven’t already noticed, there’s one big trend in Callaway’s new equipment launch this year – everything is coming in threes! Callaway have three Mavrik drivers and three Mavrik irons, so there’s Mavrik hybrids and matching Mavrik fairways, too.

Both fairways and hybrids have faces which have been created using the brands Artificial Intelligence technology, with each model engineered to suit a different type of golfer. 

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Callaway Mavrik Fairway Woods

The thinking is pretty simple, but it’s the first time Callaway have produced three fairways all under the banner of a single family name.

The idea means each model can be individually tailored down to matching the typical traits of the golfers who are likely to use them. And because Callaway have invested so heavily in their artificial intelligence computing power, it made sense to let the algorithms lose on the fairways, too.

In addition, all three Mavrik fairways have new forged SS20 cup faces. The material takes face rebound capability (CT) from 240 microseconds in old models to 248, which is the same level as a titanium driver face. Factor in the CT jump alongside Jailbreak gains and you get more speed over competitors as others can only max out CT.

Callaway Mavrik Fairway

◆ RRP: £269
◆ Lofts:3+-13.5°/3W-15°/4W-16.5°/5W-18° / 7W – 21°
◆ Stock shaft: UST Helium Black 40g / 50g, Project X Evenflow Riptide 60g / 70g

Just like the standard Mavrik driver, the fairway is the fastest of the new family. A.I. redesigned the leading edge to be more sweeping, which helps preserve ball speed on shots hit lower on the face. No adjustable hosel means an 8g weight saving which has been put to good use creating Callaway’s most forgiving fairway wood ever. Incredibly, Mavrik has a 30% higher MOI than the previous Epic Flash fairway.

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Fairway

◆ RRP: £269
◆Lofts:3+-13.5°/3W-15°/4W-16.5°/ 5W – 18°
◆ Stock shaft: Project X Evenflow Riptide 60g, Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI

At 169cc the Sub Zero is the smallest Mavrik fairway (Mavrik is 174cc, Max is 200cc). Sole weights (14g and 2g) can be switched to knock down spin and trajectory to allow harder hitters, which generally tend to be better players, to dial in the flight characteristics they want to see from a fairway. Like the Mavrik drivers, irons and hybrids each fairway model and each individual loft has its own A.I.- designed pattern on the back of the face. It optimises ball flight, ball speed and spin, meaning it’s more important than ever to get properly fitted.

Callaway Mavrik Max Fairway 

◆ RRP: £269
◆ Lofts:3+-13.5°/3W-15°/5W-18°/ 7W-21°/Havenwood-20°/9W-23°/11- 25°
◆ Stock shaft: UST Helium Black 40g / 50g, Project X Evenflow Riptide 60g / 70g

The largest and most forgiving Mavrik fairway, but don’t think Max is just a draw model – it’s much more. Yes, it’s the most draw-biased fairway Callaway have ever created, but you also get the easiest-to-launch model too, as weighting naturally increases dynamic loft. Callaway say the extra size increases MOI. A.I. wanted extra face depth below the equator of the ball, as players suited to this type of fairway tend to sweep into the ball and hit it thin. So Callaway say Mavrik Max boosts confidence.

Callaway Mavrik Hybrids

In a Callaway first, the three Mavrik hybrids have fully AI-developed faces, made from SS20 steel like the fairways. Callaway say it means you get the perfect blend of ball speed, launch and spin from each model.

Callaway Mavrik Hybrid

◆ RRP: £249
◆ Lofts: 3H-18 / 4H-20 / 5H-23 / 6H-26
◆ Stock shaft: UST Helium Black 40g / 50g, Project X Catalyst 55g / 65g / 75g

A mid-sized profile and a square toe very much like the Rogue it replaces. Full-face grooves give a similar look to a long iron. A Project X Catalyst shaft is also lighter and higher launching than the KBS Tour in the Pro.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid

◆ RRP: £249
◆ Lofts: 2H-18 / 3H-20 / 4H-23
◆ Stock shaft: KBS Tour Prototype hybrid 70g / 80g

The Pro has much more of a fairway wood shape (with full-face grooves), as Callaway’s Apex is their tour-style hybrid. The sole is more cambered for increased versatility; profile is compact and there’s a neutral shot bias set up.

Callaway Mavrik Max

◆ RRP: £249
◆ Lofts: 3H-19 / 4H-21 / 5H-24 / 6H-27 / 7H-30 / 8H- 33
◆ Stock shaft: UST Helium Black, Project X Catalyst

A larger, progressive hybrid with extra draw bias. Really easy to launch and flight, with maximum forgiveness. For hybrid lovers, they run all the way down to an 8H; a game changer if you struggle to launch mid irons.

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