Golf Pride MCC Teams grips let you show your colours


Golf grips play a key role in your performance on the golf course… but now, thanks to Golf Pride’s new MCC Teams range, they can also help you show your support for your favourite sports team.

The World’s No.1 golf grip brand have expanded their multiple-Major-winning MCC family of hybrid golf grips with the new MCC Teams collection, featuring 15 unique colour combinations, meaning every football fan should be able to find the right one for their team.

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The collection boasts Golf Pride’s patented multi-compound design, combining Cotton Cord Technology in the lead hand area for firm control in all weathers, and high-performance rubber in the trailing hand for ultimate feel and responsiveness. 

Golf Pride MCC Teams Grips

“The MCC Teams grips are an extremely exciting collection that will enable sports fans across the globe to show their support and passion for their team every time they grip the golf club”, said Bruce Miller, Product Manager, Golf Pride.

“Available now, this latest addition to the MCC family maintains the same high-level performance and quality that the multi-compound design has consistently delivered to win over 20 Major Championships.”

Jon Rahm uses Golf Pride MCC grips

On top of those 20 Majors, MCC has more than 250 victories on the worldwide golf tours and is the world’s leading golf grip series, used by amateurs and professionals alike.

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But as with all golf equipment, getting the right grip for your game and looking after it properly is vital, especially as it’s the only thing that actually connects you with the golf club.

Do golf grips come in different sizes?

Yes! In the case of the MCC Teams grips, they are available in both standard size and midsize, but Golf Pride offer a huge selection of grips for every club in the bag, from junior to jumbo.

Golf Pride MCC Teams Grips


Are thicker golf grips better?

Yes. Choosing the correct grip size for your golf clubs can have a positive effect on your game, yet 50 per cent of golfers who buy new grips choose a size other than standard for their optimal performance.

If it’s too big for you, your hands could struggle to square the clubface at impact. Whereas if your grips are too small, there’s a danger that your hands will be too active and initiate an early release of the golf club.

As a general rule, the fingers on your left hand (for right-handed golfers) should just be touching the pad below your left thumb. Grips are manufactured in a multitude of outside diameters to fit all hand sizes.

Golf Pride's Tour SNSR Contour Pro

Putter grips also come in a variety of shapes and sizes with “fat” grips more commonplace in the modern game to help keep the hands soft and shoulders level.

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Before getting your MCC Teams grips fitted to your clubs, be sure to visit your PGA Pro to check which size is right for you.

Aren’t all golf grips the same?

No! If you think the grip is just a piece of rubber that slides on the end of your clubs, you couldn’t be more wrong. There’s as much technology and innovation in Golf Pride’s grips as any new driver.

What golf grips do most tour players use?

Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet range is the most popular grip on tour.

The brand is trusted by 80 per cent of PGA Tour players – none of whom are paid – and they are the proving ground for all of Golf Pride’s new grip technology.

Tiger Woods uses Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips

For instance, the MCC Plus4 grip was designed to meet the needs of the 90+ per cent of Tour players who build up their grips to reduce tension in their hands. With less tension comes more power.

Rory McIlroy uses Golf Pride's Tour Velvet grip

A third of Tour pros also use “reminder” grips, so Golf Pride’s ALIGN Technology – which ensures a consistent hand placement via a raised red rib running down the back of the grip – was designed and developed with their feedback.

Rickie Fowler uses Golf Pride Align grips

It’s the same with putter grips. Golf Pride is the No.1 putter grip on Tour, and the Tour SNSR Contour Pro model is a direct result of players’ insight.

How do I choose the best golf grip for my game?

Material and construction influence the amount of vibration transferred to your hands from the strike. Softer grips absorb more, while firm grips provide greater shot feedback.

Material and surface design comprise a grip’s texture. Tacky grips have a smooth surface and are usually made from softer materials. Grips with more texture provide added traction and moisture management. Texture allows a place for moisture to escape and delivers bite and extra hand nesting to cut slippage.

Golf Pride's range of golf grips

Consider moisture conditions common to where you play, or how much your hands sweat. Having a grip that provides moisture control can add confidence and consistency to your game.

Should I wash my golf grips?

Yes, cleaning them once a month will help prolong your grips’ usability; just be careful how much soap you use. Too much and the chemicals tend to break down the compounds. Hot water and a scrubbing brush is best. Pat the grips dry, rather than rub them, to keep that tacky texture.

Where should I store my golf clubs?

Ideally in the house at room temperature. Storing your clubs in a car, shed or garage exposes your golf grips to colder temperatures which hardens the compound and makes the rubber shiny.

Worn golf grips go shiny

How often should I change my golf grips?

If you play once at least once a week then Golf Pride recommend changing your grips at the beginning of each golf season. After that point, the compound in the rubber soon breaks down and they start getting shinier and firmer due to sweat and oils, weather and where you store them.

New Golf Pride grips being fitted

You are bound to grip it harder if it feels less secure and the chances of hitting poor golf shots will increase.

How much do golf grips cost?

Golf Pride’s new MCC Teams range cost £12 and £13 per grip, but they have an excellent range of grips and prices start from just £6.99.

Treat grips like you would tyres on your car – you wouldn’t want to buy a £100,000 sports car and then drive it with bald or cheap tyres, so don’t let a £1,000 set of irons underperform due to cheap or old grips.

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