We check out Vice Golf’s brand new balls for 2020


Vice Golf balls 2020

We’ve long been fans of Vice Golf, the brand that makes premium golf balls and sells them directly to consumers, meaning you get a tour ball as good as any other for half of what you’d normally pay. 

So we were excited to hear that Vice have released their brand new 2020 ball line, featuring significant changes compared to the previous models.

The overall changes

The new Vice golf balls feature an adapted “keep in line” (KIL) putting line for better visual perception of alignment when addressing the ball. The extra-long and highly visible line with sharp edges has been developed in collaboration with amateurs and teaching professionals to really help with putting alignment. 

To improve the durability of their golf balls, Vice increased the number of strokes in its durability tests by 25%. That means you can be confident that every Vice ball you receive will last. 

The model-by-model changes

Vice say the new ball line-up achieves a stronger separation between each player profile, meaning different types of golfer will find a ball to suit their needs. 

Vice PRO PLUS 2020 – £2.09 per ball

Designed for high swing speeds and ambitious golfers, the 4-piece cast urethane cover Vice PRO PLUS 2020 model is played by long hitters, ambitious amateurs with high swing speeds, young club professionals and college golfers.

The Vice PRO PLUS 2020 is aimed at a distance-focused, athletic golfer who requires a golf ball tailored to high club head speed (especially off the tee) without sacrificing on spin and feel around the green.

The Vice PRO PLUS 2020 has a new, larger core with higher compression, which rewards high swing speeds with more ball speed and thereby more driver distance. The thicker outer mantle features a newly developed, highly versatile ionomer material to combine the advantages of high elasticity for increased carry distance and ball speed as well as soft feel.

The Vice PRO PLUS 2020 maintains an overall compression of 95 with the same 336-dimple pattern as before. 

It’s available in white, neon lime and neon red. 

Vice Pro Plus golf ball

Vice PRO 2020 – £2.09 per ball

The new Vice PRO 2020 is a 3-piece ball with a urethane cover, aimed at a range of golfers with medium to high swing speeds, from excellent scratch players to ambitious amateurs of different handicap levels. It’s perfect for those seeking a combination of distance off the tee and high spin around the green. 

The new 2020 model has a lower compression than its predecessor, with a new cover designed to reduce driver spin and increase ball flight stability. 

The 318-dimple pattern remains unchanged, as does the price, at £2.09 per ball. 

The Vice PRO 2020 is available in white, neon lime and neon red. 

Vice Pro golf ball

Vice PRO SOFT 2020 – £2.09 per ball

Designed for players with medium and lower swing speeds (below 95mph), the Vice PRO SOFT 2020 is a 3-piece ball aimed at amateur golfers wanting distance off the tee as well as spin and soft feel around the green.   

The 2020 model comes with a new, 318-dimple pattern (this model previously had 336 dimples), designed to create higher ball speed and a more stable flight. 

Vice took on board feedback and switched from a matte finish to a glossy finish, which stands up better in wet or muddy conditions. 

It’s available in white, neon lime and neon red. New colours – peach, blue light and coral will be added soon. 

Vice Pro Soft golf ball

Vice TOUR 2020 – £1.39 per ball

Designed to suit the majority of golfers, this 3-piece model has been improved to deliver more ball speed and distance than its predecessor. 

The low compression creates a very soft feel, while an extra thin surlyn cover offers high durability against wear and cuts. 

The Vice TOUR 2020 is available in white only for £1.39 per ball. 

Vice Tour golf ball

Vice DRIVE 2020 – £0.99 per ball

The 2-piece Vice DRIVE 2020 is aimed at beginner golfers and those for whom price is the key factor. 

The core compression has been reduced from 55 to 25, while overall compression has been decreased from 80 to 50, which will suit those with slower swing speeds. 

A new 312-dimple pattern (down from 392 dimples) is designed to produce higher ball speeds and a more stable trajectory. 

It’s available in white only for just £0.99 per ball. 

Vice Drive golf ball

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