Ben Hogan blades offer classic looks but modern performance, at a budget price


Ben Hogan blades offers traditional looks but modern performance. 

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company isn't like most other golf manufacturers. 

The Ben Hogan Company sell heir products online at and exclusively. By eliminating the retail "middleman", they can reduce costs, with these savings passed on to the consumer in terms of lower prices. That's why Ben Hogan golf clubs tend to cost quite a lot less than other brands. 

The latest clubs from Ben Hogan are the Ben Hogan Icon Irons, which will retail for $770 (£663) in a chrome finish or $800 (£689) in a black finish. 

The Icon Irons are a set of forged muscle back blades featuring many of Mr. Hogan’s design philosophies. Developed for better players accomplished at working the ball, the Ben Hogan Icon Irons combine traditional styling with modern performance.

The look will suit accomplished ball-strikers, with minimal offset, a thin topline and a short blade length. The Icon Irons are aimed at golfers confident of hitting the midde of the face, who want to be able to shape shots and control trajectory. 


Make no mistake, though, this is a modern design despite the classic looks. A "Progressive Centre of Mass" weighting system positions more mass higher up the face in the shorter irons, helping to generate a lower ball flight for better control, minimising any ballooning with the scoring clubs. 

On the long and mid-irons, weight is located progressively lower to help generate higher shot trajectory with more spin. Equally impressive, each loft in the ICON Irons set has a visible weight pad in the rear, with a unique size, shape and position for that specific loft and clubhead. This allows for a seamless performance transition from one iron to the next.

Speaking of lofts, golfers who dispair at the trend for increasingly strong lofts favoured by many manufacturers will be pleased to see that the Hogan Icon Irons feature traditional lofts, with the 7-iron loft of 34° and 4° gaps between each club. 

The Icon Irons are offered with a variety of premium, after-market steel and graphite shafts with no extra charge. 


Golfers who are keen to try Ben Hogan golf products but are worried about ordering without being able to test them can benefit from the risk-free demo programme, which gives you 14 days to test the clubs without any obligation to buy. You just pay $30 for the shipping, which includes a free return if you decide to send them back.