The new PowaKaddy trolleys for 2020 are smaller and lighter than ever


Check out the new PowaKaddy trolleys for 2020 

PowaKaddy, the world’s leading electric trolley brand, have just revealed their new range for 2020, and the new models are better than ever.

The line-up will be spearheaded by the PowaKaddy FX, a renaming of the market-leading Freeway series, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of golf’s most popular trolley.


The FX features PowaKaddy’s simplest ever folding system, requiring just one click to fold your trolley down for easy storage. The FX folds 20% smaller than the previous PowaKaddy Freeway models, and features a lithium battery that is 40% smaller than before, while retaining the same capacity.

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PowaKaddy have done a lot more than just shrink things, though. The top of the range PowaKaddy FX7 GPS trolley features an integrated GPS, providing fast and accurate yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, and to hazards, as well as a scorecard – all displayed on a 3.5” full colour touch screen LCD. It’s more than good enough to make your golf watch or handheld GPS completely redundant.


Alongside the FX range comes the PowaKaddy CT6 Ultra-Compact, which also folds down smaller than ever before, 20% smaller than the previous PowaKaddy Compact C2i models. The CT6 is also 5% lighter than the previous Compact model, now weighing in at just 9.8kg.


The CT Series also includes a GPS model, featuring a 2.8” full colour display.


Both models are available with 18-hole or 36-hole lithium batteries, all of which are 'plug 'n' play', meaning there are no wires or connectors to worry about – you just slot it in and off you go. PowaKaddy's excellent chassis quality and drive system means the trolleys are virtually silent in motion. 

There is also the option of an all new self-sensing Electronic Braking System (EBS) that automatically slows the trolley on steep inclines – perfect if you play on a hilly course and don’t want to find yourself sprinting after your trolley as it careers towards a water hazard.


PowaKaddy FX prices range from £549.99 to £899.99.

PowaKaddy CT6 prices range from £649.99 to £899.99.

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