Ben Hogan introduce long iron replacements and combo sets


Ben Hogan's impressive irons go from strength to strength. 

We've been really impressed with the clubs coming from Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company recently. Not only are their prices considerably lower than most brands – thanks to a direct-to-consumer business model – the products are more than a match for more expensive brands. 

The Ben Hogan PTx Pro featured in our list of Best Golf Irons 2020 and the Ben Hogan Equalizer wedges picked up an award in the wedge category of our 2020 Editor's Choice Awards. 

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So we were understandably excited to hear that Ben Hogan were releasing two new long iron alternatives, the UiHi Utility Irons and the VKTR+ Hybrids, which can be blended into an iron set perfectly in place of the traditional 3/4/5 irons to create a well-balanced combo set.

“Hitting long irons well has always been a challenge for golfers of all ability levels,” says Scott White, President and CEO of Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. "The UiHi utility irons and new VKTR+ hybrid clubs will make that part of the game a little less daunting for golfers.”

Ben Hogan UiHi Utility Club

The Ben Hogan UiHi utility club was engineered to be incredibly easy-to-hit with the same kind of controlled swing golfers would take with shorter irons.

The UiHi’s hollow head dimensions are larger, which instills confidence and makes the club appear to be more highly-lofted.

Ben Hogan utility club

The UiHi’s two-piece forged construction features a deep cavity and a low-and-rearward center of gravity that helps get shots airborne quickly, while it is extremely forgiving.

The UiHi Utility Irons will be sold exclusively at for £96.00 each.

Ben Hogan VKTR+ Hybrid

The VKTR+ is an optimized version of the original Ben Hogan VKTR hybrid and features a high toe that encourages golfers to swing it more like an iron, rather than a wood.

Bulge and roll – which is typically seen in a driver or fairway metal - has been added to help bring mishits back online.

Ben Hogan hybrid

The face thickness varies from toe to heel and crown to sole to provide exceptional forgiveness.

With clean lines, lack of disorienting graphics and minimal offset, the VKTR+ hybrid will be a go-to club when in need of hitting a long and accurate shot from the fairway.

The VKTR+ hybrids will be offered at £132.00 each at will also be sold exclusively at

Ben Hogan irons – combo sets

Combo sets have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many golfers wanting greater aesthetics and control in their short irons, with more forgiveness and help in their longer irons. With two iron sets in their range – the Ben Hogan PTx Pro and the Ben Hogan Icon blades – plus the addition of these long iron replacement options, Ben Hogan are now able to offer golfers a combo set to suit their individual needs. 

“Passionate, serious golfers have been asking for a combo set option for quite a while, so we are now aligning the new ICON muscle back blades in the short irons with our popular PTx PRO in the mid irons," says White. "Better yet, with the UiHi Utility Irons and VKTR+ Hybrids, golfers can choose from a variety of equipment options at the long end of their set. With any selection, golfers will get an exceptional high-performing set of forged golf clubs that look as good as they play."

Ben Hogan combo options: 

– 4-7 PTx PRO irons + 8-PW ICON irons = £750.00

– 22-degree UiHi + 5-7 PTx PRO + 8-PW ICON = £750.00

– 22-degree VKTR+ + 5-7 PTx PRO + 8-PW ICON = £780.00

However you choose to blend your set, you'll get consistent 4-degree gaps between each club, which means you'll have no yardage gaps to worry about. 

Combo sets can be ordered directly from