“Unparalleled” comfort from FootJoy’s new Stratos golf shoe


FootJoy reveal new FJ Stratos golf shoe to provide “out-of-this-world” comfort and game-changing traction thanks to brand’s new ‘StratoFoam’ cushioning and VersaTrax+ outsole.

FootJoy have unveiled their seven-shoe FJ Stratos range, featuring an all-new cushioning compound called StratoFoam. The proprietary foam blend is designed for optimal support and comfort whether you’re swinging your club or walking the course.

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FootJoy's new FJ Stratos golf shoe.

StratoFoam is made up of an EVA/Polyolefin mixture, which helps absorb shock for maximum comfort and energy return.

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The all-new VersaTrax+ outsole is designed to provide optimised traction for every lie and every condition on the course. Its anti-channelling tread pattern has been engineered to deliver total traction coverage, which FootJoy say reduces slippage from any angle as the shoe is always able to find the next traction element to catch onto the ground. 

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The features and benefits of FootJoy's Stratos shoe.

The new outsole configuration utilises multiple TPU compounds to grip any surface – a harder TPU for on-course grip and a softer TPU for traction on harder surfaces – to create a versatile golf shoe which was named a top-rated, best-in-class shoe in Cornell University’s recent turf grass/green friendliness testing.

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FJ Stratos uses a soft, supple, premium leather upper and features an athletic-fit with an integrated tongue for all-around comfort and a reinforced heel for greater rear foot stability.

FootJoy's FJ Stratos blends comfort and performance.

“A golf shoe needs to connect your foot to the surface that you’re playing on, but the loud and clear feedback from our target consumer is that it also needs to provide exceptional comfort,” Richard Fryer, Director of Product Management for FJ Footwear, said.

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“Our game changing StratoFoam midsole was designed and developed specifically for golf, providing cloud-like comfort while absorbing and returning the most energy, which results in less foot fatigue after a round of golf.

The FJ Stratos golf shoe uses premium, soft, supple leather.

“Combined with the revolutionary VersaTrax+ outsole, the FJ Stratos delivers the best combination of uncompromising on-course traction with genuine off-course versatility and ultimate comfort.”

The Stratos comes in four colour options for men and three for women.

The colour options for FootJoy's new FJ Stratos golf shoe.

The FJ Stratos is available from December 4 priced at £159.99. Find out more about the range at footjoy.co.uk

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