PAYNTR X 001 F: The golf shoe aiming to shake up the market


PAYNTR X 001 F golf shoes are the brainchild of former cricket pro David Paynter and ex-Nike Golf man Mike Forsey who have designed the footwear to help golfers optimise their power.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to golf shoes, but Paynter and Forsey believe their vast knowledge means they can create them better than anyone else.

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The pair started from the ground up – literally – to develop the PAYNTR X 001 F, fusing together a series of contrasting elements to let golfers optimise and harness the power in their swing. PAYNTR label it the Performance Multiplied innovation ethos: Force x Velocity = Power.

The new PAYNTR X 001 F golf shoe.

Forsey, who has more than 30 years of experience working for the likes of Footjoy Nike Golf and Under Armour, say this gives golfers a traction advantage by amplifying the golfer’s ability to use the ground as a lever and generate more power to the ball.

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“PAYNTR sees the golf shoe as golf equipment,” said Forsey, who has previously developed signature footwear models for Greg Norman, Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth.

The new PAYNTR X 001 F golf shoe.

“Just as ball and clubhead speed are critical to performance, so is harnessing the power from the ground up in our feet.

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“If you think about it, your foot and your shoe are the only things that are in contact with the ground. So, your shoe has to give you support, energy return, comfort, be waterproof and lightweight. We believe we achieved each of those things in the X 001 F.”

The new PAYNTR X 001 F golf shoe is available in white, black and grey.

Ex-Yorkshire and Northants cricket Paynter established the PAYNTR brand in 2017 having become frustrated with the performance of cricket shoes. He has since since built a successful sports performance footwear brand having worked with some top of the game’s cricket athletes, teams, franchises and federations.

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After hearing his customers suggest he enter the golf market and meeting Forsey, the pair set up PAYNTR Golf, based in Portland, Oregon, with the aim of helping golfers get better at the game.

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“The global golf market is primed for a new competitive entry,” said Forsey. “By extending the brand into golf, PAYNTR brings a distinctive legacy, an unyielding commitment to the athlete, and a proven business philosophy to a market in need of new discovery.

PAYNTR’s Performance Multiplied ethos sees the new golf shoe combine four key elements – a new traction System; all-day comfort; “explosive propulsion”; and waterproofing.

The sole of the new PAYNTR X 001 F golf shoe.

Performance Enhancing Traction System is a 3D traction system that entails rotational, horizonal, and vertical dimension. A lightweight supportive “thermoplastic urethane” (TPU) outsole is specifically designed with traction knubs in the forefoot and heel to prevent rotational slippage. The midsole is firmer in the lateral heel and medial forefoot to enhance flexibility and keep the foot down on the ground as long as possible.

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Developed alongside some of the world’s best young players, the all-day comfort comes from a lightweight, breathable upper, soft and supportive underfoot cushioning, combined with a PMX (Performance Multiplied) Foam midsole, while a vented tongue wicks away perspiration.

The new PAYNTR X 001 F golf shoe is available in white, black and grey.

The “explosive propulsion” is thanks to PAYNTR X 001 F’s TPU outsole and zonally engineered PMX FOAM midsole, which house a lightweight, responsive “power plate” that helps deliver maximum energy return to more effectively generate ground reaction force.

Waterproofing is thanks to the golf shoe’s unique NeverWet solution which beads water off the footwear in wet conditions. 

The new PAYNTR X 001 F golf shoe is available in white, black and grey.

Initially the X 001 F will be available direct to consumers from the PAYNTR Golf website, along with a premium golf glove. Paynter and Forsey also plan to release a women’s golf shoe in the near future and move into the apparel and accessories market.

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The new PAYNTR Golf Glove.

The PAYNTR X 001 F shoe comes in a choice of white, cool grey and anthracite black and will have an RRP of £120. They are available from March 1 at

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