PXG add Mustang and Bat Attack putters to Battle Ready collection


PXG add two new 100 per cent milled putters to Battle Ready collection with the Bat Attack and Mustang.

The new Battle Ready Mustang and Bat Attack are fully optimised for maximum stability, easy alignment and outstanding consistency.

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The PXG Battle Ready Mustang putter.

The PXG Battle Ready Mustang is a blade-style putter with tungsten-weighting in the heel and toe, creating an optimal centre-of-gravity (CG) for enhanced stability and forgiveness.

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Angled heel-toe ballasts and geometry parallel to the sightline make for exceptionally easy alignment at address.

The PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack putter.

The Bat Attack is a modified mallet putter with long, contrasting tungsten wings that make for easy, repeatable alignment. This putter offers the moment of inertia (MOI) and CG benefits of a mallet-style putter in a visually smaller package.

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Like all Battle Ready putters, PXG say both the Mustang and Bat Attack have been fully optimised for maximum performance – from the CG and MOI to stability, balance, and weighting.

The PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack putter.

Each putter features a bi-material construction, integrating aerospace-grade aluminum with high-density tungsten, benefitting both swing and stability dynamics. 

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PXG’s innovative Pyramid Face Pattern supports consistency in all significant factors that affect roll, including initial ball velocity, launch angle, spin rates, and skid distance. Two weights, found in the sole, further help fine-tune the putter to support desired launch conditions.

The PXG Battle Ready Mustang putter.

Four hosel configurations – Plumber’s Neck, Heel Shafted, Double Bend, or Armlock – provide additional customisation based on a player’s unique stroke style.

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PXG’s Precision Weighting Technology, in conjunction with the hosel chosen, dictates the overall club head mass.

The Battle Ready putters collection also includes the Blackjack and One & Done models.

The Bat Attack and Mustang join the Blackjack and One & Done putters in PXG’s Battle Ready line-up.

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All of the putters feature the brand’s iconic Darkness insignia – a skull with the number 26 – a nod to Parsons’ service in the 26th Marine Corps Regiment during the Vietnam War. 

The Battle Ready putters collection also includes the One & Done and Blackjack models.

“What happens on the green can make or break a round, so we’ve engineered our Battle Ready Putters to give you the best shot technology currently affords to sink more putts.

“And, like all PXG clubs, they feel incredible and are unbelievably sexy,” said PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons.

Built to spec, the Battle Ready putters are all available now priced at £325 each.

Find out more or book a putter fitting at PXG.com or call 0800 066 9449.

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