Honma want you to ‘Gain Speed’ with new drivers, fairway woods, irons and hybrids


Honma target slow swing speed golfers with new ‘Gain Speed’ range of drivers, fairway woods, irons and hybrids.

Japanese golf brand Honma has released a new range of game improvement clubs aimed at golfers with slower swings looking to increase ball speed and distance. 

The Honma T//World GS range sits alongside the Honma T//World TR (Tour Release) range, which is aimed at better players. 

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The Honma GS range promises to deliver excellent levels of distance and forgiveness, with a confidence-inspiring look. 

Honma T//World GS driver

Honma T//World GS driver

The Honma T//World GS driver features a crank-shaped slot on the sole to maintain ball speeds across the face and reduce loss of distance on off-centre strikes. 

The slot, along with a radial face sructure featuring varying levels of thickness, combine to reduce spin on impacts low on the face or on the toe – something Honma feel is common among high handicap golfers. Honma feel this creates a “gear effect” that means the T//World GS driver will give high handicap golfers greater distance and less punishing misses. 

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The titanium crown has been designed to be as lightweight as possible, helping to boost clubhead speed, while a keel-shaped head and strategically positioned tungsten sole weight promote a draw bias, as Honma recognise that the target golfer for this driver is likely to be fighting an unwanted left-to-right curvature in ball flight.  

Honma also use a patented and exclusive Non-Rotating System in the hosel, which is designed to ensure the shaft stays in the 6 o’clock position regardless of adjustments to loft and lie angle, helping to create a more stable ball flight. 

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The Honma T//World GS driver features a Speedtuned shaft with a mid-to-low kick point. 

The driver is £499 and available in 9.5°, 10.5° and 11.5° heads for men; 10.5° and 12.5° heads for women.

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Honma T//World GS fairway woods

Honma T//World GS fairway woods 

The Honma T//World GS fairway woods feature the same design elements of the driver to help deliver maximum ball speed on pure and off-centre strikes. 

Weight is positioned low and deep to deliver a high MOI (moment of inertia) for maximum forgiveness, plus ease of launch for those who struggle to get fairway woods airborne. 

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The men’s fairway woods are available in lofts of 15° (3-wood), 16.5° (4-wood), 18° (5-wood) and 21° (7-wood).  

The women’s fairway woods are available in lofts of 16.5° (3-wood), 18° (5-wood) & 21° (7-wood). 

The Honma T//World GS fairway woods are £279 each. 

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Honma T//World GS hybrid

Honma T//World GS hybrids

The Honma T//World GS hybrids follow the same design as the driver and fairway woods and include a slight draw bias.

Available lofts are 18°, 21°, 24° and 27° for men; 21°, 24° and 27° for women. Each hybrid is £249.

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Honma T//World GS irons

Honma T//World GS irons

The Honma T//World GS irons are designed to offer maximum distance and forgiveness. 

A thin, high-strength L-cup structured face expands the sweet spot, while variable ribs on the inside of the clubface help reduce weight and improve ball speed compared to the previous Honma XP-1 irons. 

The T//World GS 4-7 irons feature sole slots that reduce the loss of ball speed on off-centre strikes, plus a 6g tungsten weight in the toe that increases MOI. 

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The 8-11 irons feature a 360-degree undercut and a large sweet spot. A thick steel sole provides a low centre of gravity which creates high launch and spin to help golfers attack the flag with confidence.  

The T//World GS irons come with a choice of Speed Tuned 55 graphite shaft or Nippon N.S. Pro 950 GH neo-steel shaft as standard. 

A set of seven Honma T//World GS irons is £1,365.

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