NEW! Ping G425 drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons!


Ping G425 drivers, fairway woods, hybrid, crossover and irons revealed for 2021.

Chances are you’ll already have caught sight of some of the new Ping G425 range as it enjoyed a fast start to life on the world’s professional golf tours.

Long-time Ping staffer Lee Westwood captured the European Tour’s Race to Dubai in December using the new G425 LST driver, G425 Max fairway wood and G425 hybrid and was full of praise for the new line-up and the distance gains he’s enjoyed from the new gear.

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Lee Westwood has the new Ping G425 driver, fairway wood and hybrid in the bag.

Westwood’s win came just seven days after fellow European and Ryder cup hopeful Viktor Hovland won his second PGA Tour title at the Mayakoba Golf Classic using the G425 LST driver.
And to complete a hat-trick of December successes, South Korean professional A Lim Kim secured her first career Major title at the US Women’s Open using the G425 driver, fairway wood and hybrid.
Viktor Hovland won the Mayakoba Golf Classic using the Ping G425 driver.

But the new G425 range isn’t just for the world’s best players. There are three driver and fairway models all targeting different golfers, a hybrid that ranges from 17º to 34º (and adjustable by 1.5º), a crossover iron and a full set of irons, including wedges with CNC Milled faces.

Let’s find out more.


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The Ping G425 drivers.

Ping G425 drivers

New for 2021, Ping G425 drivers continue the brand’s three-model policy first introduced in the G30 in 2014. Ping insist three models are best for fitting golfers more accurately.

The new line includes the G425 Max for ultimate forgiveness, G425 LST for reduced spin and the G425 SFT to stop a slice. 

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It is the 12th G model and, just like every previous version, it’s slightly better in terms of MOI, aerodynamics and centre of gravity location, which – according to Ping –  takes G from a good driver to a great one.

This is how they’ve done it…

The Ping G425 Max driver.

Ping G425 Max driver

Many golfers thought Ping were late to the movable weight party when they revealed their first movable CG driver, the G410 Plus, in 2019.

But Ping being Ping – a brand built on engineering – they refused to make a movable weight model until their weight track had zero compromise on MOI and forgiveness.

The Ping G425 Max driver.

The G410 Plus becomes the G425 Max; the 460cc head is rounder (than the LST), and thanks to a 26g CG shifter (10g more than the G410 Plus) you get 7% more MOI forgiveness than the G410 Plus.

There’s also 20% more draw bias, and 16% more fade bias than the previous model, to help really dial-in your preferred shot shape. Incredibly, this great-looking driver nudges MOI levels not seen since those ultra-forgiving square drivers of the late 2000s.

The G425 Max is available in 9°, 10.5° and 12°, comes with a stock Ping Tour or Alta CB shaft, and is priced at £450.

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Ping G425 LST driver.

Ping G425 LST driver

The LST has a more pear-shaped 445cc head, with 17g CG shifting weight, and is the lowest-spinning G425.

Ping say the new head cuts backspin by 200rpm over the G410 LST and 500-700rpm over the new G425 Max. It means golfers will see greater separation between the three new clubs.

Ping G425 LST driver.

The G425 LST is available in 9° and 10.5°, comes with a stock Ping Tour or Alta CB shaft, and is priced at £450.

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Ping G425 SFT driver.

Ping G425 SFT driver

We all have Ping to thank for making slice-busting drivers part of the conversation when it comes to driver fitting.

Before the G30, anti-slice drivers were often an afterthought; out-lying models that instantly branded you a hacker. Ping changed all that, though, and the G425 SFT goes further left than any Ping driver before.

The 460cc head has a 23g fixed heel weight, which means golfers get 10 yards more left bias than the G410 SFT and 25-plus more than the G425 Max.

Ping G425 SFT driver.

Think of this model as a slice-busting machine and you really won’t be far wrong.

The G425 SFT driver is available in 10.5°, comes with a stock Ping Tour or Alta CB shaft, and is priced at £450.

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Ping G425 Max Fairway Wood.

Ping G425 Fairway Woods

As with their G425 drivers, Ping take a three-model approach to the fairway woods.

The G425 Max is aimed at a wide audience of golfers, where the LST is a lower spinning option for high swing speed players and the SFT is an easy to launch draw-bias option which tends to fit mid to lower swing speeds well.  

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Ping have adopted a whole new Face Wrap technology for the G425 fairways, removing the need for a welded seam on the face by wrapping the face around to meet the sole and the crown.

Ping G425 LST fairway wood.

It means their trademark crown turbulators have been removed, replaced by a three-dot alignment system, but when engineers realised the new tech offered 100% face flex and an extra 1.5mph of ball speed, they knew which most golfers would prefer.

It’s not the only change; there’s a new oval face shape which gives better spin consistency (which Ping are calling ‘Spinsistency’) and means you’ll see less difference in launch and carry between low-face, middle and high impacts, which of course improves consistency.

Ping G425 SFT fairway wood.

The G425 Max fairway is available in 3 (14.5°), 5 (17.5°), 7 (20.5°) and 9 (23.5°) and comes with a stock Ping Tour or Alta CB shaft.

The SFT is available in 3 (16º), 5 (19º) and 7 (22º) and comes with a stock Ping Alta CB Slate shaft.

The LST is available in 3 (14.5º) and Ping Alta CB or Ping Tour

All of the G425 fairway woods come with hosels that can be adjusted by +/- 1.5° for loft and up to 3° in lie angle, and all are priced at £299.

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Ping G425 hybrid.

Ping G245 Hybrid and G425 Crossover

No launch nowadays is complete without matching hybrids or utility-style long iron replacements, so it’s no surprise to see a G425 hybrid and Crossover.

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The hybrid has the same wrapped face and ovoid shape to maximise ball speed and control spin consistency as the fairway wood. Ping say you get 3.7% more inertia which equates to 3.5 extra yards.

Ping G425 hybrid.

The Crossover has a thinner face, it produces a slightly higher ball flight and has 6% more inertia than the G410 Crossover.

The G425 hybrid is available in 2 (17º), 3 (19°), 4 (22°), 5 (26°), 6 (30°) and 7 (34°) and comes with a stock Ping Tour or Alta CB Slate shaft. It includes an adjustable hosel (+/- 1.5° for loft and up to 3° in lie angle) and is priced at £249.

PING G425 Crossover.

The G425 Crossover is available in 2 (18º), 3 (20º) and 4 (22.5º), comes with a stock Ping Tour or Alta CB shaft, and is priced £225.

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The Ping G425 iron.

Ping G425 Irons

Blending distance with forgiveness, the Ping G425 irons are a game-improvement model targeting mid-handicap golfers who haven’t upgraded their irons for a while.

The G425 irons have a 3% inertia gain over the previous G410 iron, but put this on top of the 8% inertia gain of the G410 over the G400 and you can clearly see the evolution. While G410 and G400 players may not see big gains, those of you playing Ping G30 or G25 irons are likely to see significant changes, and it is you that Ping are targeting.

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Ping say the G425’s cavity badge has an aluminium cover to give a sophisticated look. Underneath that there’s super-efficient ABS and vibration-dampening tape, and they’re so good that the feel and sound are very close to the i210 seen in the bag of so many tour players, while flying higher and landing more softly.

The Ping G425 iron.

Ping have continued to work hard to overcome previous G irons’ reputation as ‘boxy’ and have created a smaller, more attractive shape. The gains are two-fold with the removal of weight from behind the impact zone allowing the face to flex more freely, increasing ball speed, and the relocation of mass to the extremities of the toe and inside the shaft tip providing more forgiveness.

While the variable face thickness is nothing new, the G425’s variable face thickness pattern has been reshaped to reflect that of a driver to get more face flex and ball speed from wherever shots hit the face.

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In construction terms, the difference between the G425 and the G25 or G30 is remarkable. Cut an early model in half and you’ll quickly spot how there’s no under-cut topline or cascading sole design – the bits that thin out crucial areas where face meets sole and body to unreal proportions. Ping call it loft flexing, and it’s all part of giving golfers the fastest ball speeds and most carry distance while getting a 7-iron to launch through an 8-iron window with the speed and carry of a 6-iron.

The Ping G425 iron.

For the G425 wedges, Ping have used CNC Milled face grooves as found in so many forged tour player model irons, which is almost unheard of in ‘set’ game-improver wedges, and allows players to play the same model from 4-iron right through to lob wedge.

The Ping G425 irons are available in 4-LW and come with stock Ping AWT 2.0 (s) and Ping Alta CB (g) shafts. They’re priced at £129 per club for steel and £139 per club for graphite.


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Every Ping G425 golf club includes an Arccos grip.

Ping G425 and Arccos

Ever since Ping President John K Solheim gave shot tracking giants Arccos credit for getting his handicap down to scratch, the company have realised the benefits stat tracking brings to golfers (and Ping’s designers, who use the info to develop ideas).

Every club within the G425 line-up comes with an Arccos shot tracking sensor in the grip, and a 90-day Arccos subscription.

Find out more about the Ping G425 range at

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