Size matters as PowaKaddy unveil three new golf push trolleys


PowaKaddy reveal three clever new push trolleys for 2021 designed to suit different golfers’ needs.

With the boom in popularity of electric trolleys over the last decade, push versions have somewhat shuffled from the limelight. But PowaKaddy –who’ve re-established their market-leading electric trolley credentials over the last few years – reckon push models are well overdue some love and attention.

So they challenged their engineers and designers to come up with three brand-new push models, all of which are driven by the changing trends in how golfers transport their kit to and from the course, and store it away when not in use.

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“The push trolley market is an increasingly important part of our business, and our exciting new range reflects that,” said David Catford, PowaKaddy’s CEO. “The new push trolleys each have unique features to suit all golfers’ needs, and with varied price points they provide different options for everybody, depending on what they’re looking for out on the course.”

All three push trolley models are different but they all share lightweight aluminium frames, come with height adjustable handles, scorecard and drinks holders, plus a foot brake to keep the trolley secure when not in use. Every  cart in the 2021 range features the PowaKaddy Key Lock system which helps to keep bags secure on the trolley.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new push trolleys.

PowaKaddy DLX-Lite FF

RRP £209.99 | Weight 6.8kg | Folded size 710mm x 585mm x 200mm

The PowaKaddy DLX-Lite FF golf push trolley is new for 2021.

Irrespective of whether trolleys were electric or push, they all used to be cumbersome pieces of kit, especially when it came to squeezing them into a car boot with a golf bag. Times have changed, though, and thanks to new folding mechanisms it’s now possible to fold trolleys down into impossibly small packages.

PowaKaddy have designed the DLX-Lite FF to fold into the flattest sandwich shape possible. So it’s thin enough to be laid over or under your golf bag in the boot. And if you drive a car with very limited space, it can slip neatly into the footwell behind the driver’s seat.

Thanks to the extra cost (over the TwinLine 5), you also get a useful umbrella holder and water resistant mobile phone storage area.

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PowaKaddy Cube

RRP £189.99 | Weight 5.8kg | Folded size 535mm x 355mm x 380mm

The PowaKaddy Cube golf push trolley is new for 2021.

In typical PowaKaddy fashion, the brand have made sure their new design folds into a space smaller than the nearest competitor – here it’s 19.7% smaller. That’s perfect for those who want a trolley to fold down into the very smallest of spaces, as this model takes up 13% less space than their flat-folding DLX-Lite FF model.

This is a great option if your car boot is big enough to either lay your golf bag horizontally across the space or position it from corner to corner, so there’s room in the opposite two corners to stow this model standing up.

Just like the DLX-Lite FF, you also get an umbrella holder and a soft-lined phone storage area, which you don’t get with the TwinLine 5.

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PoawKaddy TwinLine 5

RRP £159.99 | Weight 7kg | Folded size 750mm x 425mm x 400mm

The PowaKaddy Twinline golf push trolley is new for 2021.

The fifth-generation TwinLine is what PowaKaddy call “simplicity refined”.

Over the years, it has been a proven performer and while it may not have quite the same folding capabilities of the Cube or DFX-Lite FF, it is completely set up to glide over all sorts of terrain with the minimum of effort. As far as push trolleys go, it’s lightweight, reliable, durable and excellent value for money.

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