The UK’s ultimate golf club custom-fitting experience?


If you are planning to get custom-fitted for new golf clubs in 2022 then you need to pay a visit to Scottsdale Golf’s stunning new performance complex.

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It is an experience, not just a custom-fit. That’s how we feel about what a golfer receives when he or she comes to our facility, which is unique in the UK, searching for the perfect piece of kit to add to their bag.

The complex has been open for nearly 18 months now (yes, we really did open right in the middle of the pandemic) and we are thrilled with how it has been received.

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The feedback we have received has been incredible, and it is so good to be able to genuinely report we have had no bad reviews. In fact, it’s been the opposite; we are starting to see some people for a second or even third time. Initially they came for wedge, now they’re back for irons or a driver – and sometimes both!

We offer something unique – that you can walk away with your clubs that same day. You get fitted by one of our expert technicians, you watch your clubs being built before your eyes, and you walk out the door with them a few hours later.

Some people still don’t quite believe the service we are offering. “Is it a marketing ploy?” they sometimes ask when they arrive. “Go find out for yourself” is our answer… and when they have their clubs in their hands a few hours later, they have their answer.

Hitting balls on a launch monitor is a vital part of the club fitting process.

It means that people are prepared to travel pretty long distances to get the same-day build because no one else does that in the UK.

Opened by Ryder Cup player Tyrrell Hatton at the end of 2020, our hi-tech 24,000sqft centre in Cheshire is packed with technology, machinery and expertise. Our motto is ‘Fit – Build – Play’ because you watch our master fitters work on your new clubs as you enjoy a coffee or beer. 

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You decide on the best clubs for you by hitting balls in a bay equipped with a Foresight GCQuad launch monitor. It analyses your game and, using its data, your expert fitter will help you make an informed choice.

Ryder Cup star Tyrrell Hatton opened Scottsdale Golf's Warrington fitting centre.

No matter what you need, we will have it, because the unit has a vast array of shafts and head components.

There is also an indoor putting area and a large collection of the latest putters, alongside the industry-leading ‘SAM PuttLab’ analysis machine. 

An indication of the success the new facility has enjoyed since December 2020 is that we are going to add on another two, four or even six new bays because we have been so busy, with weekends throughout April fully booked and midweek getting that way.

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Tour Truck Experiences

Scottsdale Golfers offers regular special experiences for visitors to the Warrington facility.

In February 72 golfers got to visit TaylorMade’s Tour Truck, which spent four days parked outside the building. Any golfers coming in for a fitting for the new Stealth driver also got a tour of the truck where Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffler, Collin Morikawa & Co tweak their equipment when they’re in Europe. There will be more opportunities like this available throughout the year, but here is a taste of what you can expect from one very happy customer and TaylorMade’s Experiential Manager.

Inside the TaylorMade Tour Truck.

“I’d played golf as a junior, but gave up for 30 years before getting back into it in the past year,” Tristan Aspinall, an 18 handicapper at Carden Park told us. “My driver wasn’t really working for me so my mate, who is a pro, mentioned the TaylorMade day at Scottsdale.

“I’ve been buying a lot of gear already from Scottsdale since I got back into it, so I knew it would be good. The technology they have, the fitting process and the data available to them is incredible – the knowledge of the fitter and the range of shafts is mind-blowing and reassures me I’m getting the best club for my game.

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“For example, I got an extra stiff shaft from my usual stiff in the new Stealth driver, but would never have otherwise thought of doing that. And the numbers look good! I was hitting it 290 yards, when I was 260 before! I was consistent as well, and could really tell a difference from the shafts. Can’t wait to get on the course!

“The Tour Truck experience just topped the day off. It was amazing to get on the truck, where all the pros are during tournaments. Kid-in-a-sweet-shop stuff. Your eyes are popping out of your head at so much variety with all the heads and the shafts. Just a brilliant day all round.”

Dan Morris, TaylorMade’s Experiential Manager, describes the opportunity to visit the Tour Truck, be fitted and take away their club on the same day as a “Disney World experience” for amateur golfers.

“I will get asked a lot of questions about Tiger and also who is the most difficult pro to service, but also about the trends in the products because they’ve gone through that same service with their own equipment.

Dan Morris is TaylorMade's Experiential Manager.

“Tristan picked up a lot of yardage and was asking a bit about why that might have been. He was just desperate to get it on the course and play with his new toy.

“The performance improvements are usually at a bigger level for amateurs compared to the tour players, where we are 1mph extra speed or dialling in launch and spin parameters, but if you get a golfer who has never been fitted before, using a brand-new product, they can get 25 or 30 extra yards.

“The Stealth is the talk of the town with the red carbon face! It looks great, but the performance has to back it up and every time it’s been on a monitor it just lights up in terms of numbers.

Everything the world's best players need can be found on the TaylorMade Tour Truck.

“Custom-fitting has just come on leaps and bounds for the general public. Seven years ago we’d have had a handful of shafts; now there’s an array of them to dial it in for your game.”

How to book your custom-fitting experience at Scottsdale

Scottsdale Golf’s new facility is located just four minutes from J20 of the M6. You can book a fitting appointment by clicking here, emailing, or calling 01619 694 644.

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