Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball: Tour-level performance for amateur swing speeds


Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball gets a 2022 upgrade as it promises tour-level performance at a compression and price to suit amateur golfers’ swing speeds and budget.

Now into its fourth generation, the three-piece Q-Star Tour is the brand’s softest golf ball that delivers tour-level performance. It is specifically calibrated to fit moderate swing speed players that want the distance and spin found in a premium ball. In other words, most club golfers.

The updated Q-Star comes hot on the heels of Srixon’s new Z-Star Diamond Golf Ball, which brings together the benefits of the Z-Star and Z-Star XV and will be played by Brooks Koepka.

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The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball is in its fourth generation.

But while that ball targets Tour players and faster swingers, the Q-Star Tour is very much a Tour-quality ball aimed at the club golfer. How is that possible? Srixon say that Tour performance starts around the greens, which is why the updated ball uses a 0.5mm premium urethane cover that’s coated in Slide Ring Material (SeRM). Srixon’s Spin Skin with SeRM coating increases friction and bite for more spin and control when attacking flags.

Srixon’s robot testing saw the Q-Star Tour deliver 400rpm more spin than some of its closest competitors, which is highly impressive.

The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball is in its fourth generation.

The ball’s FastLayer Core sees a gradual transition from soft inner core to firm outer edge and behaves like a core with thousands of layers, helping to deliver distance and softer feel. It is Srixon’s softest core that still delivers Tour-grade performance, while also dramatically reducing long game sidespin to help your tee shots fly straighter. 

You’ll also find 338 dimples on every Q-Star Tour ball, a pattern used in the Z-Star balls and designed to deliver less drag and more lift for a long and true flight, even in strong winds 

The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball is in its fourth generation.

“The new and improved Q-Star Tour continues to deliver tour-calibre performance with a softer feel compared to our other tour-level offerings,” said Joe Miller, Product Expert at Srixon Sports Europe. “This ball provides the distance all golfers need with the greenside spin and control to attack the toughest of pins.”

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We’re big fans of the Q-Star Tour here at Today’s Golfer and found it to be a genuinely excellent alternative to premium tour balls when we pitted it against Titleist’s market-leading Pro V1 in our head-to-head test in 2020, something we can’t see changing in 2022.

The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball joins the three Z-Star models at the premium end of Srixon's range.

Impressively, Srixon have kept the price of the new model the same at £34.99 per dozen, making it a no-brainer to switch into for the majority of normal club golfers currently using more expensive premium options.

At just £2.91 per ball it’s £1.25 cheaper than a Pro V1 but without any significant loss of performance. The softer compression means you’ll give up a little driver distance over a premium ball, but you’ll gain that back in iron distance.

And while data will show it spins significantly less than a Pro V1, it actually launches and flies higher, dropping at a steeper angle, so will still stop quickly on the greens.

The Srixon Q-Star Tour is also available in a 'Divide' version, released in 2021.

For us the Q-Star Tour joins Callaway’s Chrome Soft, TaylorMade’s Tour Response and Wilson’s new Triad in being a superb golf ball option for club golfers who have a “normal” swing speed and don’t have money to burn.

The Q-Star Tour is also available in a Divide version (read our review here), released late in 2021, which brings all the benefits of the standard ball but with a colourscheme that is designed to help with alignment and putting. 

The Srixon Q-Star Tour, which comes in pure white and tour yellow, is available from February 25, priced at £34.99 per dozen.

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