‘Feel the difference’ with Golf Pride’s game-changing CPX grip


Golf Pride have revealed their new CPX grip, the brand’s softest-ever grip.

The market-leading grip brand say CPX stands for Standing for Comfort Performance Extreme. It is designed to provide superior feel through a combination of extreme softness and exceptional new technology, including the company’s first-ever raised, EXO diamond-quilted pattern.

“The connection between the hands and mind is critical in the game of golf,” said Jamie Ledford, President of Golf Pride.

“We’re so excited about CPX because the new design and ultra-soft rubber compound we’ve developed take this connection to the next level. Anyone who tries the CPX will immediately feel the difference.”   

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Golf Pride's CPX grip is the brand's softest ever.

CPX is the first grip completely conceived and developed at Golf Pride’s new Global Innovation Centre in North Carolina. It is made from a very soft and responsive rubber compound that moulds to the golfer’s hands for the ultimate in comfort and stress relief.

The soft and tacky material features a 45-degree diamond pattern inspired by the grips on BMX bikes. This new tactile design is raised to maximise contact area with the golfer’s hands, enhancing performance. 

In addition, the company’s patented Control Core technology, located in the grip’s end-cap, complements the soft rubber compound to afford the best of both worlds: maximum softness and maximum control. 

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With the introduction of CPX, Golf Pride is also unveiling a second new “feel.” The brand’s latest campaign – “A Soft Grip for a Hard Game” – is an intentional departure from the golf category’s historical focus on performance claims and product specs in marketing materials. 

Golf Pride's CPX grip is the brand's softest ever.

“We know that golfers of every calibre quest for the ‘right feel’ when they have a club in their hands,” said Eric Gibson, Global Head of Marketing, Golf Pride.

“The new CPX, and the marketing campaign behind it, focuses on exactly that. Golf is hard. There’s a lot to think about. We believe that the right grip can create comfort – for your hands and your mind – regardless of your skill level. 

“We are excited to lean more into this approach in our messaging and feel it reflects the positive change and growth that golf is experiencing.”

The new CPX grip will be available from April 1. Find out more at www.golfpride.com/cpx


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