Cobra AIR-X: Lightweight performance for higher-handicap golfers


Cobra Golf underline their commitment to higher handicap players with the release of the new AIR-X range, which is designed to help golfers with moderate swing speeds.

Cobra have long been a company that concentrates a lot of its efforts in this marketplace but the AIR-X has raised the bar in terms of shaving off weight in all areas of the club, becoming the brand’s lightest and most-forgiving range.

Cobra AIR-X Driver

RRP: £299 | Men’s: VIEW OFFER | Women’s: VIEW OFFER
Women’s: Yes | Availability: 9.5°, 10.5° and 11.5° in right-hand and 10.5° in left for men; 11.5° (RH only) & 15° of loft (LH/RH) for women | Stock shafts: ULTRALITE 40 shaft in stiff, regular and lite flex for men; ULTRALITE 40 shaft in ladies flex | Stock Grips: vLamkin REL Standard (58R) – Black (41g)

The AIR-X driver comes in at just 277 grams, making it one of the lightest available and helping to gain a little more clubhead speed for those who need a bit of assistance. Even an extra 2-3 mph can make a big difference for players who struggle to hit drives beyond 200 yards.

The new line is anchored by new and improved metalwoods that have been re-engineered with new weight-saving technologies. The AIR-X drivers now feature a lighter and thinner ply carbon crown that is 30% thinner than the previous generation (F-MAX). 

The new thin-ply carbon fibre saves an additional five grams compared to last year’s construction, allowing Cobra engineers to reduce the clubhead weight by two grams (190g total) while maintaining a high MOI of 5,000 for maximum stability and forgiveness. 

To add to the weight-saving technologies, the driver now utilises a standard size 37g Lamkin grip, which is four grams lighter than the previous model, and a sub-50-gram ULTRALITE shaft.  

Together, the lighter grip (-4g), lighter head (-2g), and lighter shaft (-2g) combine to bring the total overall weight to an unbelievably light 277 grams – eight grams lighter than its predecessor. 

In addition, the AIR-X Drivers feature heel-biased weighting and an offset hosel design to help correct a slice and make it easier to hit straighter drives. The offset is increased by 20% to deliver even more slice correction, but there’s also a straight neck model for players who prefer a traditional, square set-up at address.

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Cobra AIR-X Fairway wood

RRP: £189 | Men’s: VIEW OFFER | Women’s: VIEW OFFER
Women’s: Yes | Availability: Lofts include 16° (3W), 20° (5W) and 23° (7W) in right and left-hand for men; 19° (3W), 23° (5W) and 27° (7W) in right and left-hand for women | Stock shafts: ULTRALITE (50-gram in stiff, regular and 45-gram in lite flex) for men; 45-gram shaft in ladies flex | Stock Grips: Lamkin REL Standard (58R) – Black (41g)

Like the drivers, the AIR-X fairway woods are eight grams lighter than their predecessors to help improve speed for moderate swing speed players.

Cobra's AIR-X fairway woods.

They employ similar weight-saving innovations to the big stick, including the updated lighter weight carbon crown, and a six-gram lighter 41g Lamkin grip. 

Additionally, a low profile, shallow face design lowers the CG for higher launch while back/heel weighting creates draw bias to help correct a slice.

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Cobra AIR-X Hybrids

RRP: £189 | Men’s: VIEW OFFER | Women’s: VIEW OFFER
Women’s: Yes | Availability: 3H (19 o), 4H (22 o), 5H (25 o), 6H (28 o) and 7H (31 o) (RH only) in stiff, regular and lite flex for men; 4H (23o), 5H (26 o), 6H (29 o) and 7H (32 o) (RH Only) in ladies’ flex | Stock shafts: ULTRALITE 50 – S, R (55g), ULTRALITE 45 – A (55g) | Stock Grips: Lamkin REL Standard (58R) – Black (41g)

The men’s and women’s AIR-X Hybrids featured in the combo sets are also available to purchase as stand-alone options.

Cobra's AIR-X hybrid.

They utilise Cobra’s lightest clubhead, grip and shaft designs along with back/heel CG weighting and an offset hoself design/

An internal weight pad strategically positions weight low, back and towards the heel to deliver straighter trajectories, while An offset hosel design helps to square the face at impact to increase launch and improve accuracy.

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Cobra AIR-X Irons

RRP: £599 (steel); £599 (women’s); £699 (graphite) | Mens: VIEW OFFER | Womens: VIEW OFFER 
Availability: Men’s 5-PW, SW; Women’s 6-PW, SW | Stock shafts: FST ULTRALITE (steel); ULTRALITE (graphite); ULTRALITE 45-gram (women’s) | Stock Grips: Lamkin REL Standard (58R) – Black (41g)

The Cobra AIR-X irons take lightweight technology and super game improvement performance to a new level. 

A lighter clubhead design yields two grams in weight-savings, while a six-gram lighter 41g standard size grip with a lighter and softer rubber compound improves feel, making these irons easier and more enjoyable to hit than ever before.

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Players will enjoy maximum forgiveness and effortless launch through a combination of a deep undercut cavity, low profile shape and greater lofts throughout the set.   

The AIR-X irons use weight low and wide to increase stability and forgiveness on off-centre hits, while heel-biased weighting provides draw trajectory for increased accuracy and directional control.  

The long irons feature more offset to increase accuracy and forgiveness, while the short irons and wedges feature progressively less offset for maximum control and precision around the green.

A low profile shape with a deep undercut cavity results in higher launch, increased ball speeds and maximum carry distance. 

And traditional Lofts maximize flight trajectory for moderate swing speeds, resulting in increased carry distances, and steeper decent angles for improved stopping power into greens.

They have a premium finish, with a nickel, two-tone chrome plating providing beautiful aesthetics and increased durability.

The Cobra AIR-X range is on-sale now.

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