Toptracer’s new range game helps fix your golf in just 30 shots!


Having revolutionised driving ranges, Toptracer’s new insights-driven golf game mode quickly highlights the areas you need to improve the most.

Toptracer30 puts players in 30 realistic virtual on-course scenarios and measures how successfully the player navigates them – providing a mountain of data in just 30 shots. Gone are the days of aimlessly smashing drivers or hitting irons and wedges with no real idea how close they were to the target in the distance. Now every shot counts, providing data that accumulates to a total score designed to offer an accurate and objective snapshot assessment of the player’s current performance level.

Toptracer ranges and the new Toptracer30 game mode are suitable for all handicaps.

The new game mode has been designed as a bridge between the range and the golf course, simulating on-course pressure for players as they are tasked with a series of different situations.

Toptracer30 consists of nine tee shots and 21 approach shots, with each shot evaluated depending on a number of variables – ranging from distance and accuracy when driving, to hole proximity and greens hit when approaching.

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Designed to help everyone from high-handicappers to scratch golfers and create a more focused practice routine, the new mode allows you to track improvements in almost every aspect of your game (except chipping and putting), by making you play everything from 50-yard pitches to really tight drives.

Toptracer30 offers you detailed insights after you complete your shots.

During gameplay, players are also provided with a series of ‘Insights.’ As each is observed, evaluated, and analysed, players are given real-time feedback into the strengths and weaknesses of their performance.

Finally, upon completion of the Toptracer30 game mode, each shot is assessed and attributed to a ‘Performance Handicap’ – an estimated handicap that reflects the player’s performance across the entire 30 shots.

“Toptracer30 is yet another impressive innovation in our range technology,” said Ben Sharpe, Toptracer President. “This new game mode provides players with brilliant insights into their performance, and it offers the player with an opportunity to health check their game in just 30 shots.

Toptracer30 asks you to hit 30 shots of all differing distances and styles to work out which areas of your game need the most improvement.

“We can’t wait to see how players, and indeed coaches, use this new game mode to further their game and make all-important improvements.”

As well as offering feedback throughout the game mode, post-game analysis and insights are also stored in the player’s Toptracer Range app account for later review.

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Toptracer ranges are making practice more productive and fun.

Let’s take a closer look at how Toptracer30 works

Game setup

Within Toptracer30, the player’s score on each shot is determined by a number of variables; for example, when driving, accuracy and distance are two of the many things that are measured – be careful however, as wayward drives that leave the player’s next shot blocked out will be heavily punished.

When hitting approach shots, proximity to the hole and hitting the green can be rewarded while the resulting lie and expected score from it are factored in; thereby being on the green may not necessarily have a better score than a closer proximity/better lie off the green.

These accumulated scores are attributed at the end of the game to provide a ‘Performance Handicap’ for the player, that reflects the player’s performance across the 30 shots.

Strokes Gained

At the beginning of the game, the player enters a Reference Handicap. This becomes the benchmark for the ‘strokes gained’ methodology that is provided as a key insight after each shot.

The Strokes Gained feature provides in-game feedback for the player, so that they can see how each shot that they play within the Toptracer30 game compares to the benchmark handicap the player entered at the start. 

The Reference Handicap provided by the player is solely used for in-game and post-game insights, so don’t worry – they don’t affect your overall score.


In addition to the ‘Performance Handicap’ provided to game participants, there is a wealth of insights offered both during and after completing Toptracer30. An insight is something that’s observed during Toptracer30 gameplay that represents an opportunity for improvement on the course or the next time the game is played. 

Each shot inside the Toptracer30 training mode is observed, evaluated, and analysed. It then analyses a vast number of performance metrics, as well as identifying the biggest contributor to the player’s score (this becomes the “positive” insight) and the three most important areas of the player’s game where an improvement would generate the quickest way to improve.

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Toptracer30 offers you detailed insights throughout your session.

How do Toptracer ranges work?

Cameras above the hitting bays track every shot. The software tracks multiple balls at once and assigns them to the right bay.

It breaks the range down into triangles (like a grid) so your ball can be traced back to your bay by calculating the angle at which it enters and exits each triangle. Your numbers – including distance, speed, launch angle, shape and more – are recorded and displayed on a 21-inch touchscreen monitor and the app. 

Toptracer’s ball-tracking tech started life as ‘Protracer’, invented by Swede Daniel Forsgren in 2006 to improve televised golf coverage. Topgolf bought the camera-based system in 2016 and started rolling out its range-friendly version in 2017.

There are a host of other game modes available at Toptracer ranges to help you improve your game.

What other game modes are available at a Toptracer range?


Analyse multiple data points, including ball speed, launch angle, distance and more.

Driving Challenge

A nine-hole game scoring both distance and accuracy. If you don’t hit the fairway or a pin is obstructed for the next shot, there is a penalty. 

Approach Challenge

Take aim at the flag as consistently close approach shots are the name of this game.

My Practice

Tells you all the key stats – total distance, carry, ball speed, height, hang time… It’s all relayed to an app on your phone for future reference.

Closest to the Pin

Just want to work on your iron play or wedge game? Choose a real target, tell the screen which one it is and fire away. It’ll tell you how close you got. 

Virtual Golf

Play on real-world courses, using the targets on the range, including Pebble Beach and the Old Course. A great
option for groups.

Long Drive

Who can hit the furthest? This game lets you settle the argument by turning the range into a proper long drive grid for up to eight players.

Points Game

This mode turns range targets into points; plus you can win bonus points for hitting a certain trajectory through
an ‘In Air’ ring. 

Go Fish 

Child-friendly range game that can be played individually or as a team where players bid to capture 24 sea creatures in a virtual aquarium.

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Toptracer ranges have made practice far more fun and productive.

Where is my nearest Toptracer driving range?

If you want to try Toptracer30 or any of the other superb game modes available at the revolutionary ranges then you’ll need to know where your nearest facility is. Below are all of the Toptracer ranges currently available in the UK, listed alphabetically.


Fairways Golf Centre, Inverness

Forthview Golf Range, Falkirk

Gailes Golf Leisure, Irvine

Mearns Castle, Glasgow

Melville Golf Centre, Edinburgh

Paul Lawrie Golf Centre, Aberdeen

Wellsgreen Golf Range, Leven


3 Hammers Golf Complex, Wolverhampton

A1 Golf Activity Centre, Barnet

AB Golf Performance Centre, Thame 

Aintree Golf Centre, Liverpool

Altrincham Driving Range, Altrincham 

American Golf Hemingford Abbots, Huntingdon

American Golf Rossendale Driving Range, Rossendale

American Golf Wythall, Birmingham

Aston Wood Golf Club, Sutton Coldfield

Ballers & Hackers, Nottingham 

Basset Down Golf Complex, Swindon 

Blacknest Golf & Country Club, Alton

Boston West, Boston

Branston Golf Range, Burton-on-Trent

Broadlands Golf, Wolverhampton

Burnley Leisure – Prairie Sports Village, Burnley

Burstwick Country Golf, Hull

Calderfields Golf Driving Range, Walsall

Carlisle Golf Centre, Carlisle

Centre Golf, Wickford

Charnwood Golf Complex, Loughborough

Chesfield Downs G&CC, Graveley

China Fleet Country Club, Plymouth

Close House, Newcastle upon Tyne

Copcut Golf Centre, Droitwich

Delapre Golf, Northampton

Draycote Hotel & Whitefields Golf Club, Rugby

Drayton Park Golf Club, Abingdon

Express Golf Centre, Bradford

Farrington Park Golf Club, Bristol

Toptracer30 asks you to hit 30 shots of all differing distances and styles to work out which areas of your game need the most improvement.

Ferndown Forest Golf Club Ferndown 

Foregolf, Chester

Forest Driving Range, Coleford

Forest Hill Golf & Conference Centre, Leicester

Four Ashes Golf Centre, Birmingham

Golf Kingdom, Romford

Golf World Stansted, Bishop’s Stortford

Golfplex Bracknell, Bracknell 

Gravesend Golf Centre, Gravesend

Hedge End Golf Centre, Southampton

High Legh Park Golf Club, Knutsford

Hilden Park Golf & Leisure Club, Tonbridge

Humberstone Heights Golf Club, Leicester

Ingrebourne Links G&CC, Rainham

Keele Golf Centre, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Kingfisher Hotel G&CC, Milton Keynes

Kingsway Golf Centre, Royston 

Lavender Park Golf Centre, Ascot 

Leeds Golf Centre, Leeds

Leicester Golf Centre, Leicester

Lincoln Golf Centre, Lincoln

Liverpool Golf Centre, Liverpool

Lytham Golf Academy, Lytham

Manston Golf Centre, Manston

Moreton Hills Golf Centre, Wirral

National Golf Centre, Woodhall Spa

Norfolk Premier Golf, Norwich 

Oakmere Golf Club, Southwell

One Stop Golf, Hull

Pachesham Golf Centre, Leatherhead

Parley Golf Centre ,Hurn 

Paultons Golf Centre, Romsey 

Pedham Place Golf Centre, Swanley

Penrith Golf Hub, Penrith

Pine Ridge Golf Club, Camberley 

Portsmouth Golf Centre, Portsmouth 

Radlett Park Golf Club, Elstree

Rustington Golf Centre, Angmering  

Salisbury Golf Centre, Salisbury

Sandown Park Golf Centre, Esher

Sidcup Family Golf, Chislehurst 

Silvermere, Cobham

Snainton Golf Centre, Snainton

South Essex Golf Club, Brentwood

South Herefordshire Golf Club, Ross-on-Wye

You can track your stats on the Toptracer app.

Stokesley Golf Range, Middlesbrough

Sunbury Golf Club, Shepperton

Sunningdale Golf Club, Ascot 

The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield

The Golf Haven, Whitehaven

The Hertfordshire G&CC, Broxbourne

The Oaks Golf Centre, Carshalton

Tickenham Golf Centre, Clevedon 

Tilgate Forest Golf Course, Crawley

Tippity Green Golf Club, Sandwell

Topgolf Watford, Watford

Topsham Golf Academy, Exeter 

Trafford Golf Centre, Manchester

True Fit Golf Centre, Warrington

Wentworth Golf Club, Virginia Water 

Wessex Golf Centre, Weymouth

Westridge Golf Centre, Ryde 

Winchester Golf, Headbourne Worthy

Witney Lakes, Witney

Wokingham Family Golf, Wokingham

World of Golf Croydon, Croydon

World of Golf London, New Malden

Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, High Wycombe


Cardiff Golf Centre, Cardiff

Celtic Manor, Newport

Just Play Golf at Penrhys, Ferndale

The Vale Golf, Pershore


Ballyearl Arts & Leisure Centre, Newtownabbey

Mourne Country Park Driving Range, Kilkeel


Golf 19 Guernsey, Channel Islands

Longueville Golf Range, Jersey

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