Matchplay Tips From The Tour


Know The Rules


Situation: You thought your approach stopped on the fringe, so you park the buggy and grab  your putter. Turns out, it trickled into a bunker.
Good news: Your partner has his sand wedge.
Rule: You can borrow the club only if the combined number of clubs in both of your bags is 14 or fewer. The penalty is loss of hole.
Tip:  Save time and confusion – bring both unless you can see your ball.

Situation: Your ball is just off the green about 15 feet from the hole. Your opponent’s ball is on the green, 30 feet away.
Rule: Whoever’s ball is furthest away from the cup; doesn’t matter who’s on the putting surface.
Tip: Take advantage of being able to hit when your partner’s ball is away – like rolling in your par putt so he can have a run at birdie.


Tour Talk

Don’t lose to par: When a guy makes par or bogey and still wins the hole on me, that’s when I’m kicking myself. Sean O’hair

One hole at a time: If you’re down, your goal is to win that hole. Get one hole, then the next. Padraig Harrington

Be the spoiler: If your short game’s sharp, you’ll be tough. You’re never out of a hole. Chad Campbell


Upgrading Your Word Processor

Your 18-handicap opponent has just hit his 12th fairway in a row
“I don’t know how you time that swing of yours.”
Good: Simple compliments: “Solid,” “Beauty,” “Perfect.”

On the first hole, your opponent slices his tee shot out of Bounds
“Hitting 3.”
Good: (Silence.)

Your opponent chunks an iron shot on the par-3 17th into a lake
“Did you catch all of it?”
Good: “Keep playing, buddy. You’ve seen me putt.”

You’ve won the match
“You’ve got potential. Just work on that short game, OK?”
Good: “That was fun. I got lucky.”

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