Hole 18 - Holly


PAR 4 - 465 YARDS

Lots of length added again. Bunkers are well in play, although it’s 300 yards to reach them. You’ll see some guys play 3-wood off this tee and then a 5 or 6-iron.

Others will cut a driver and leave an 8-iron. Four pins here, front left and right and back left and right. For the front flags, you need to pitch it past the hole where you have 12 yards before you reach the top tier.

The back pins are harder because judging the length of the approach is tricky; short and you roll back, long and you bounce through.

The Quiros way: I aim for the left fairway bunker, considerably fading it to knock some distance off. If I’ve found the fairway, I’ll be left with a wedge in. Targetscore: 4

The Wilson way: It’s 330 yards uphill to the left bunker so I don’t worry about it too much. When the pin is on the bottom tier I try to land it by the flag, bounce it into the slope so it feeds back down. When it’s on the top level, I’ll probably hit a lower iron and bounce it up the slope. Targetscore: 4