Hole 2 - Pink Dogwood


PAR 5 - 575 YARDS

Another hole where it’s very hard to fly the fairway bunker in the way that players used to.

It must be 330 yards out there and most of the time you’re looking at short of the sand, leaving a 3-wood into the green. Many pins are on the top shelf to the left and a lot of guys miss to the right. Miss it left and you don’t have a chip and if you’re long, it’s very difficult to get up and down. Anything landing front middle will funnel round to the Sunday pin on the right corner.

The Quiros way: I’ll be blasting my driver down the left edge of the fairway to get as much distance as possible. I’ve previously played as little as a 6-iron approach and if I’m going for the eagle I’ll go straight at the pin. Targetscore: 4

The Wilson way: I’ll be taking my driver down the right side, letting it feed down the slope into the middle of the fairway, just missing the right-hand traps. From there, the conservative play is just short of the green leaving a relatively simple chip up the green. Targetscore: 5