Hole 11 - White Dogwood


PAR 4 - 505 YARDS

They’ve added a lot of trees on the right making this a lot tighter and the second shot is about 10 yards downhill which represents about a half a club to a club difference.

The front left pin is very dangerous because there are two big humps just short and if you don’t carry it far enough it tends to hit those. If someone is playing well, he can win with a grandma pulling their trolley, but a caddie gets paid for doing a job and you have to do a job round this course.

You’ve got to make your player aware, especially if he hasn’t got the experience here, you have to make him aware of where he needs to be and what he has to do.

BILLY FOSTER REMEMBERS: "One year Darren hit what looked to be a great shot in there which was going to pitch five yards short and bounce up, but it hit the hump and flew off left into the water. He wasn’t impressed because he will have felt he did nothing wrong and you can’t really see those humps. It’ll happen to someone again this year"

PETER ALLISS: "The tee has been moved back 80 yards over the years and made it more of a dog-leg. The water on the left of the green is intimidating and many play too safe and bail out short and right. I’d play a runner down the hill with a 3-iron but players don’t do that anymore. You can hit a good drive, a safe second, chip and miss your putt and walk off with a five... very easily."