Hole 16 - Redbud


PAR 3 - 170 YARDS

It’s two greens within a green. The middle to back right half is a plateau that’s only five yards wide and anything landing on the ridge moves to the left edge.

There’s a chance of a hole-in-one to the left-sided pins, but if you leave the ball high right, then you can’t keep the putt on the green; it’ll always end up in the fringe.

BILLY FOSTER REMEMBERS: "Seve was lying around fifth one year and we were playing with Jeff Sluman knowing that a strong finish would give us a chance. He hit a great golf shot in here to the back left pin, a 6-iron, but the ball pitched on the very top of the bunker, where there’s no sand, and bounced back across the trap into the water. To say the bull was raging was an understatement. He didn’t believe it and had to walk right up there to check the bunker even though Jeff had seen it. That shot cost him the tournament and he was seething playing the last two."

PETER ALLISS: "If the pin’s back left you can play a very ordinary shot but all the slopes feed towards it – look at Tiger’s chip in 2005 – so it can end up very good. I’ve seen quite a few hole-in-ones here over the years. But it can also bite if the pin’s in a tough spot"