Hole 7 - Pampas


PAR 4 - 450 YARDS

Always used to be a 2-iron and a sand wedge, now it’s a driver and a 7-iron.

The green is designed for a wedge because it’s 12 yards deep on the right and 18 deep in the middle. The last place you want to be is the back right bunker. The front right bunkers are not too bad.

BILLY FOSTER REMEMBERS: "Swirling wind always seems to affect this hole, making it a tough green to hit. You’ve only got four or five yards to land a 7-iron. There are half a dozen holes where a caddie crosses his fingers when the ball’s in the air."

PETER ALLISS: "When I first went to Augusta this hole was a lot shorter with a narrow tee shot and narrow green. It was designed to take a pitch but now they’ve lengthened it I think the elvated green is too narrow for the mid-iron you’re playing to it. The heavily bunkered green calls for very accurate ironplay and players can no longer consider this one of the simpler chances for birdie."