Learn from the Masters: Mize's check and release


Under the most intense pressure, these four champions held their nerve and conjured up perfection when it mattered most. And it brought them a coveted Green Jacket. Now you can learn from their famous feats and create some winning moments of your own with the help of TG Elite Pro Rob Watts.

Larry Mize, an Augusta native, began the sudden-death play-off at the 1987 Masters against two giants of the game in Greg Norman and Seve Ballesteros.

With the Spaniard eliminated after three-putting the 10th, Mize hit his approach on the 11th long and right but then fearlessly chipped in from a slight downslope for a miraculous birdie.

This shot took two hops before gripping on the putting surface and releasing towards the flag. Here's how you can check your chips...


Have the ball in the middle of your stance with your head and sternum on top of the ball and your weight in your left side. Swing from the shoulders, intending to return the club to the position it was in at address through impact.


Generate more backspin by using the bounce on your wedge correctly. Do this by skidding the club along the the top of the turf with the shaft leaning forward only slightly. Clipping the ball cleanly means you won't take a divt here.


Hit some shots during practice with your right heel up in the air. This helps you swing the club more down the slope and keeps the weight fi xed on the left side throughout the swing. It also assists body rotation through the shot.