Learn from the Masters: Tiger Woods’ chip in


Under the most intense pressure, these four champions held their nerve and conjured up perfection when it mattered most. And it brought them a coveted Green Jacket. Now you can learn from their famous feats and create some winning moments of your own with the help of TG Elite Pro Rob Watts.

Tiger’s jaw-dropping chip-in on the par-3 16th during the final round of the 2005 Masters is generally accepted as the most famous shot of golf’s modern era. Leading by one from Chris DiMarco, Woods found himself in a swail below the hole up against a thick collar of rough. The rest, as they say, is history.

You could see how Woods’ focus in his pre-shot routine was rarely on the fl ag itself but intently on his landing area. Assessing the slopes when chipping is particularly important on fast greens.


When the slopes on the green are severe, reading the green and picking a specific landing spot is key. During your practice strokes, focus on that landing point and visualise the fl ight of the ball and the subsequent roll. Imagine a small circle to land your ball in.


With your sternum ahead of the ball, play the ball in line with your back big toe, decreasing the loft on your sand wedge. Delofting the clubface promotes a lower trajectory, which encourages the ball to release up the slope rather than grip on landing.


With the ball up against the collar, it’s important to get the clubhead up quickly in the backswing by hinging the wrists early. The backswing will be longer than the follow-through, which will be low to the ground because of the steeper angle of attack.

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