Hole 10 - Bobby Jones


Par 4 / 386 yards


How it played out in 2005:

Eagles: 0 Birdies: 78 Pars: 336 Bogeys: 53  Others: 4

Renamed a year after Bobby Jones’ death, the 10th is a subdued hole where a birdie is again on the cards. A pair of bogeys from the boys suggests it can play harder than it looks.
IAN: 5 NEIL: 5

LUKE SAYS: “The first hole coming back has a bunker 290 yards down on the right that you must avoid. The back pins are more accessible and will yield more birdies.”

PADRAIG SAYS: If you play it as a 3-wood/pitching wedge it’s a fairly straightforward hole; but when conditions persuade you to go for the green, things get more complicated. I’ve been in the gorse left and the bunker short of the green when trying to drive the green. It’s the sort of hole where you might lay up on the first three days of the championship, and then if you’re in the mix on Sunday, you might go for the green. There are some awkward pin positions and the big swales on the green mean that if you get out of position, things start to get tricky.