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Slash four strokes off your handicap in as many weeks? Want the perfect golf swing?

Change the way you look at your game of golf.

This fantastic system is sweeping the States and is launching it here in the UK now. The Renegade Mental Golf Mindset technique works from day one -  you step up to the first tee with calm confidence, and achieve immediate improvement in your game.

“Once you get your unconscious mind and your ‘awake’ brain on the same team, you’ll be a very dangerous golfer indeed!” (Bill Gladwell and coach Stephen Ladd)

As a hugely competitive all round sportsman and holder of two fiercely contested motorsport championships, Oliver Stirling of Fox Hat Sports has worked closely with sports psychologists as well as the family company, addressing stress management for peak performance. Oliver always knew some of the psychological skills used so successfully in there should be used more in sport, but hadn’t seen an impressive product, until now.

Inspired by ex-F1 racer Derek Daly and some of the top PGA pro golfers to bring proven psychological skills into sport, Stirling was immediately hooked by this particular results-orientated technique taught by Coach Stephen Ladd. You can literally catapult your sport to exciting new levels of success and enjoy your game with calm confidence.

Now discover the technique that “totally improves your game from the comfort of your favourite armchair”.  Learn simple self-hypnoses sessions carefully designed to programme your mind for unlimited success. This is not the TV type hypnosis where you think you are a chicken! Your mind can be your worst enemy on the golf course, or in this case – once mastered - your best friend.

Materials supplied are instantly accessible in a simple downloadable format and include Coach Ladd’s comprehensive carefully illustrated book and CDs, with bonuses covering all aspects of the mental game.