Hole thirteen


PAR 4, 355 YARDS

After the 16th hole, the 13th has become the second-shortest par 4 on the course. This represents the calm before the closing storm over the last five holes. The tee has been enlarged to bring an extra 13 yards to the hole, but this remains a hole on which professionals will seek birdies, with breadth to this fairway to give golfers every opportunity to attack the pin. Find the left half of the fairway off the tee to leave a second up the length of the generous green. However, hidden dangers on the 13th come in the subtle slopes of the green, so while birdie chances will be created, converting them will be the real test. With the wind at their back and the last real chance to make up ground on the field, it will be interesting to see if any of the big hitters – Watson or Quiros for example – try to drive this green.

LAWRIE: The dog-leg means it would be a pretty big and risky carry to have a go at the green – although some of the big hitters might if they need to pick up shots on Sunday afternoon. So, most of the fi eld will be laying up in line, but short of, the big bunker on the left of the fairway. Even taking the safe route, it’s probably no more than a 3-iron and a wedge. This is very much a birdie hole – frankly, it's your last obvious chance to make up some ground.

DONALD: I don’t get involved in everyone else’s expectations. I read the transcript of Matt Kuchar’s press conference after he won the Players and someone asked him why he hadn’t won much and he said, ‘you know what, I’m pretty happy with my career’. Three years ago, if someone had said to me I’ll give you five or six wins I would have snatched at it. My career is progressing in the right way.