Top 100 musician golfers


The table below contains a list of the top 100 golfers in music. Everyone from Smokey Robinson to Snoop Dogg is on there so see how you fare against the stars... 

1 Kenny G 0.6 Grammy Award-winning saxophonist an AT&T fixture
2 Vince Gill 0 Country star won PGA's Distinguished Service Award in 2003
3 Marty Roe 0.8 Lead singer/guitarist for country group Diamond Rio
4 Steve Azar 0.9 John Daly appears in country singer's latest video
5 Adrian Young 1.3 No Doubt drummer lives next to Long Beach course
6 Rudy Gatlin 2.4 Youngest Gatlin Brother is best Gatlin golfer
7 Larry Gatlin 3.8 Lead singer/songwriter for Gatlin Brothers
8 Steve Gatlin 3.9 Middle brother worked with Tammy Wynette
9 Josh Kelley 4 Pop-rock artist grew up in Augusta, Ga.
10 Paul Brown 5 Called “The Babyface of smooth jazz”
T-11. Lloyd Cole 5.3 Frontman for the Commotions in the '80s; solo artist today
T-11. Alice Cooper 5.3 Still touring at age 58; always has his clubs
T-11. Dan Tyminski 5.3 Acoustic guitarist/vocalist with Union Station
14 Alan White 5.6 Drummer since 1972 for progressive-rock band Yes
T-15. Darius Rucker 6 Lead singer for Hootie & The Blowfish
T-15. Jason Scheff 6 Bassist/singer replaced Peter Cetera in Chicago
T-15. Justin Timberlake 6 From 'N Sync to solo artist; plays Hope and AT&T
T-18. Mac Davis 6.2 No. 1 hit in 1972: “Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me”
T-18. Huey Lewis 6.2 Still with The News ... and singing in “Chicago”
20 Dweezil Zappa 6.3 Son of legendary guitarist Frank; plays at Lakeside in L.A.
21 Glen Campbell 6.5 Rhinestone Cowboy still playing in AT&T at age 70
22 Robby Krieger 6.8 Guitarist for The Doors is longtime member at Riviera C.C.
T-23. Engelbert Humperdinck 8.1 Bel-Air member is 70 and still touring
T-23. Will Pugh 8.1 Lead singer for pop-punk band Cartel
25 George Strait 8.4 53 No. 1 singles, 19 No. 1 country albums
T-26. John Lodge 8.6 Bass player/singer/songwriter for the Moody Blues
T-26. Tom Politzer 8.6 Tenor saxophonist joined Tower of Power in 2002
28 Clay Walker 9 Country singer belongs to Champions G.C.
29 Branford Marsalis 9.3 Former “Tonight Show” musical director now tours
30 Thomas Hampson 9.7 Top American opera singer is based in Austria
31 Ray Benson 9.8 Singer/guitarist for Grammy-winning Asleep at the Wheel
T-32. Kix Brooks 10 Half of popular country music duo Brooks & Dunn
T-32. Joe Diffie 10 First single “Home” is one of his many No. 1 country hits
T-32. John Michael Montgomery 10 Seven No. 1 country songs, including “I Swear”
T-32. Joe Don Rooney 10 Lead singer/guitarist for country's Rascal Flatts
36 Michael Bolton 10.1 Won Grammy in '92 for “When a Man Loves a Woman”
37 Don Felder 10.2 Eagles guitarist (1974-2001) played in '06 Dunhill Links
38 Johnny Mathis 10.5 American pop-music icon plays at Riviera C.C.
T-39. Mark Bryan 11 Lead guitarist for Hootie & The Blowfish
T-39. Pat Green 11 Country singer opened for Dave Matthews last summer
T-39. Mark Miller 11 Frontman for country band Sawyer Brown
T-39. Anne Murray 11 First Canadian female singer to top U.S. charts
43 Paul Barrere 11.1 Guitarist/singer/songwriter for Little Feat
44 Roger Waters 11.7 Pink Floyd singer/songwriter plays at Sunningdale
T-45. Dean Felber 12 Bass player for Hootie and The Blowfish
T-45. Matthew Polenzani 12 Lyric tenor starring with Metropolitan Opera
T-45. Bryn Terfel 12 Welsh baritone; one of opera's best-known performers
48 Tico Torres 12.1 Bon Jovi drummer made cut in '06 Dunhill Links pro-am
T-49. Barbara Bonney 12.6 London-based American lyric soprano
T-49. Glenn Frey 12.6 Founding member of the Eagles and a Bel-Air member
T-51. Pat Boone 14.8 Hosts annual celebrity event in Hixson, Tenn.
T-51. Smokey Robinson 14.8 Legendary Motown man plays at MountainGate in L.A.
T-53. Luther Campbell 15 Rap star managed and performed for 2 Live Crew
T-53. Toby Keith 15 Country star is part-owner of Belmar G.C. in Norman, Okla.
T-53. Charley Pride 15 Legendary country vocalist came to golf after baseball
T-53. Kenny Rankin 15 Singer/songwriter still tours nationally
57 Stephen Stills 15.9 Traded guitar lessons for golf lessons with Payne Stewart
T-58. Trace Adkins 16 New CD entered Billboard's Country Album Chart at No. 1
T-58. Taylor Hicks 16 Reigning “American Idol” played in high school
T-58. Willie Nelson 16 Owns nine-hole Pedernales G.C. near Austin
T-58. Jon Mikl Thor 16 Canadian bodybuilder is frontman for metal band Thor
62 Celine Dion 16.8 Playing a lot less than she used to, but still a golfer
63 Bob Dylan* 17 Has been seen playing at Malibu C.C.
T-64. Joshua Bell 18 Grammy-winning classical violinist
T-64. Snoop Dogg 18 Hip-hop icon says he shoots “about 90”
T-64. Mick Fleetwood 18 Lives in Hawaii; plays often with Willie Nelson
T-64. Steve Miller 18 He's 63, still touring and playing lots of golf
T-64. Vince Neil 18 M?tley Cr?e singer plays at Blackhawk C.C. in Northern Calif.
T-64. Jeffrey Osborne 18 R&B singer (“On the Wings of Love”) plays in L.A.
T-64. Jim (Soni) Sonefeld 18 Founding member, drummer for Hootie & The Blowfish
T-64. Eddie Van Halen 18 Guitarist is another member at Lakeside
72 Neil Young 18.6 Played in 2003 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
73 Mike Mills 18.9 REM bassist once parred 12th, 13th and 14th at Augusta
74 Royston Langdon 19.2 Liv Tyler's husband is bassist/singer for rock's Arckid
T-75. Eric Church 20 Country musician played high school golf
T-75. Brian McKnight 20 Grammy-nominated pop and R&B singer/songwriter
T-75. Graham Nash 20 Hole-in-one with a 1-iron (183 yards) got him hooked
T-78. Joey McIntyre 22 From New Kids on the Block to Broadway to film
T-78. Fee Waybill 22 Longtime lead singer for The Tubes
80 Meat Loaf 24 Rock singer/actor played in celebrity Ryder Cup in Wales
T-81. Michael (Flea) Balzary 25 Bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers plays at Malibu C.C.
T-81. Peter Cetera 25 Former Chicago singer has enjoyed successful solo career
T-81. Chris Kilmore 25 DJ Killmore is turntablist for rock group Incubus
T-81. Eddie Money 25 Plays in charity events when not performing
T-81. Jason Mraz 25 Pop-rock/jazz singer opened for the Rolling Stones
T-81. Robin Zander 25 Lead singer, guitarist for Cheap Trick
T-87. Marc Anthony 28 J.Lo's husband has played in Michael Jordan's event
T-87. Mike Jones 28 Houston rapper's debut album sold more than a million
89 Raekwon 30 American rapper is part of Wu-Tang Clan from NYC
90 Clint Black 30.9 Country star posted a dozen scores in July
91 Charlie Daniels 32 Loves the game but struggles to break 100
T-92. André 3000 33 Andre Benjamin of OutKast took lessons as a kid
T-92. Tommy Lee 33 Mötley Crüe drummer plays in charity events
T-92. Richie Sambora 33 Bon Jovi guitarist plays a few rounds a year
T-95. Nick Lachey 35 Pop singer (98 Degrees) and Jessica Simpson's ex-husband
T-95. Kid Rock 35 Hits it a mile, in all directions, says one observer
97 Natalie Maines 35.5 Dixie Chick has played in charity golf events
98 Lance Bass 36 Former bass singer for pop group 'N Sync
99 Steven Tyler 36.4 Aerosmith frontman excited about the game
100 Pink 40.4 Learning from motocross star/husband Carey Hart


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