Nov17 Tigerstoptipno3


In part three of Tiger Wood's golf lesson series we look at how the world's best golfer hits one of his favourite golf shots: the short iron cutter.

This style of golf shot keeps the golf ball low and imparts lots of spin so it hits the green and very quickly comes toa stop.

Here is how Tiger Woods hits such a golf shot:

Tiger Woods loves to control the trajectory of his golf shots as it gives him a bit of an edge in windy conditions. He doesn't have to beat down on the golf ball or change golf ball position. It's all in the release. In Image one he is holding it against the wind coming from the right. A slightly open stance, one extra golf club and a delayed release are the main requirements for this little cutter.

To flight the ball down, he tries to abbreviate his backswing and through-swing. With this fairly compact action, he attacks the golf ball from the inside even for a cut shot, holding off the release a millisecond to impart left-to-right spin. When the wind is against and from the right like on this shot, he is careful to start the golf ball right of the flagstick.