christmas golf stories


Christmas - a time for the giving and receiving of presents - is also a period of intense frustration for many golfers as terrible TV takes the place of rounds of golf.

Well fear not as here at we have a full schedule of golf tips, unmissable tips of where to play and what to buy in 2009 and lots of golf equipment review videos to keep your golf mind in gear.

Every day we'll be publishing new articles and videos for you, including the start of our winter-long Winter Practice Golf Tip Video program, designed to get your game in shape for the start of the good weather!

We also have dozens of new golf equipment stories and reviews, news on the new Today's Golfer Magazine, a series of top ten countdowns, golf fitness videos and of course, the finale of this year's golf tips advent calendar!

So stay tuned between now and January 1st and have a great Christmas...