Golf Tips Advent Calendar


As golfers we can struggle to get into the Christmas spirit - frozen greens and white fairways hardly make you feel jovial! - so we thought the team at Today's Golfer would help by creating a useful golf tips advent calendar!

Every day in the run up to Christmas we will be revealing what's behind every one of the advent calendar doors below. But rather than stuff you with yet more chocolate we have hidden a one of the 10 best golf video tips of 2008 behind each one and every day you will be able to find another one.

To use the golf tips advent calendar click on either today's date or any of the dates that have already past and it will load a new golf tips video for you. Enjoy...

How To Avoid The Hook Shot

Golf Ball Striking Video Lesson The new way to play bunker shots - the butterfly grip The Ideal Golf Swing Path Video Tip
How To Hit A Fade Video Tip The Perfect Golf Swing Uphill Lie Video Tip
How High Do You Tee Up? Instruction Video No peeking! Come back on the 23rd Keep Your Set Up At Impact Golf Drill


Mental/Mind golf tips

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