top golf tip resolution in 2009


Make 2009 your best golfing year ever - it should be the new year resolution at the top of all our lists.

If you're serious about cutting your handicap next season it's really important you start by making a list of all the areas of your game you need to attack.

Has your driving been letting you down, or is it your iron play to blame? Do you find the fairways and greens but only to shamefully three-putt and waste shots?

Or maybe your technique is sound but your strategy is just out. You're taking driver when you should really be plotting your way around the course more effectively by taking alternative clubs to lower your scores.

No matter what your weakness we've got the tips and drills to start you on the right track in '09.

Work your way through our Top 10 New Year Golfing Resolutions to start with, then add to them with your own.

Together we'll make 2009 your best golfing season ever!


 Stop missing short putts
 Find the fairway every time
 Never be short with your approach shots
 Get out of a bunker first time
 Eradicate your three putts
 Stop slicing
 Learn how to shape shots
 Warm up before you play
 Stop hooking
 Recover from every bad lie