golf lesson matt dawson


Rugby star and all-round TV celeb Matt Dawson has been trying out the tips and drills that have appeared as part of Today's Golfer's Play Great in 08 improvement programme.

TG Top 12 Coach Scott Cranfield gives some amazing insight into building a top golf swing.

In a special interactive golf lesson seven handicapper Matt Dawson spent several hours working with our golf coach to iron out his own little golf swing problems.

Scott shows Matt Dawson how to begin his backswing at his feet, ensuring he coils using his core muscles to ensure lots of power is stored at the top and he ensures his position allows him to get back to the golf ball perfectly.

The pair then move onto golf ball striking and Scott shows Matt a clever way of using a hockey stroke to train his golf ball striking.

Watch the video below and try out the golf lesson tips and drills yourself...

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