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If you were to choose one golf coach to have a lesson with it would undoubtedly be David Leadbetter.

The world renowned instructor has fashioned the swings of everyone from Nick Faldo to Ernie Els and the great news is he could be about to sort yours for FREE* thanks to a deal with your favourite golf magazine, Today’s Golfer.

If you’re reading this you will have bought this month’s magazine and qualified to receive the latest David Leadbetter Faults and Fixes instruction DVD for Free. All you have to do to claim a copy is fill in the form below and send it off, along with £2.50 for postage and packaging to the address below.

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Your Free DVD:
David Leadbetter - Faults And Fixes

For the first time, David Leadbetter and Nick Price, one of the games finest ball strikers, come together to bring you a unique perspective on mastering the game of golf. This programme has been produced to iron out of the everyday errors that creep into your game by identifying faults and demonstrating precisely how to create them. It will show you how to improve ball-striking combined with key shot saving secrets.

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