Get your kids into golf this Xmas with TG Compare


With Christmas approaching, there's no better time of year to buy your nippers a golf-themed present to get them hooked on the game we all love early.

The life-long addiction can start with the smallest thing and TG Compare's Christmas stockings have some great present suggestions.

The weather may be bad outside but get the little ones playing virtual golf and they'll be itching to get out and try the real thing. There are some great games available, not least Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 on all formats.

It can be hard to keep children occupied during the Christmas holiday so why not bannish the cries of "I'm bored" and take them along to the driving range? Once they've made that first sweet contact with the ball and seen it whizzing through the air there'll be no turning back.

Check out TG Compare and it might not be long until your family bonding is over 18 holes on the links.