Better golf swing impact video special


We're all trying to improve our golf swing at all times and quite often you can end up making it worse rather than better!

The good news is this month's Today's Golfer Magazine, out now, contains a huge golf instruction feature based entirely on coaching you to strike the golf ball better and therefore improve your golf swing.

As part of that package our TG Top 12 golf instruction team has produced a number of better golf ball striking golf video tips for you to help you improve your own golf swing.

See more in depth golf tips and drills on this subject in the latest issue of Today's Golfer Magazine. Follow this link to find out what's in the magazine now...

Click on the links below to watch any of the golf swing video tips...

Better Golf Ball Striking Video Series:

 Watch the feet together video drill now
 Learn how to keep your left foot planted
 Watch the leg driving video tip now
 Learn how to rotate your hands now
 Learn the correct golf stance 
 Get your shoulder turn right 
 Learn a great impact drill
 Use tee pegs to teach yourself impact
 Watch a golf backswing lesson now
 Get your golf grip lesson right
 Learn how to get a perfect golf posture