Cure your slice today!


Carl Moorfoot uploaded a video of his swing to the Rate My Swing section of the TG website.

Here's what TG12 teaching pro Adrian Fryer had to say about Carl's swing and how he, and you, can help cure a slice.

"Carl, looks like you work hard on your game and have a great swing. I get the impression a fade may be your bad shot and possibly the occasional pull too.

"Although I can't see you face on, your right grip looks too weak and right arm too high at address, this tends to have an opening effect on the clubface in relation to your swing arc and this shows up through impact with your right shoulder 'working' too high trying to square up the clubface.

"I would like you to experiment with a stronger grip and from the top feel your right side works more 'under' and is held back giving your forearms a chance to release and square up the clubface.

"Criss cross your arms with the club handle in front of your shoulders and shaft/clubhead sticking out to your right. Assume your posture and practise rotating the club and shoulder 'down' towards impact, this will provide the a feel of the correct shoulder movement."

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