Five-year-old Ethan has a silky swing


Five-year-old Ethan uploaded his swing to the Rate My Swing section of the TG website and has had rave reviews.

Our Instruction Editor Carly Cummins had a look at the youngster's video and here's what she had to say:

"You have a nice little swing Ethan. I’m particularly impressed by the power you’re putting into the ball. The best thing there is you’re hitting the shot hard but you’re keeping that all-important balance.

"One little pointer to be wary of is your posture... you look a little bent over the ball at address. Look at Tiger’s address for a good example to copy and then check yours in a mirror, making sure you tilt forward from the hips, stick your bum out and keep your back straight.

"Good luck!"

Judging from the ratings Ethan's been getting and this positive feedback it looks like we could have a future pro on our hands. Remember, you saw him here first on