Masters 2009 Stenson practice


Masters 2009

Henrik Stenson goes about his business in a totally professional and business-like way.

He leaves no stone unturned in his bid to win his first Major golf title. At the Masters he is working intently on the range.

With his coach Pete Cowan and caddie Fanny Sunnesson, he meticulously works on every part of his game.

Right now, he has been on the range using different drills to try and clear his left side and extend through impact.

Coach Cowan has him hitting shots one-handed. Every now and then he steps in a pulls club sharply to full extension.

Stenson will then swop to a driver shaft - without a club head - and swing several times.

As he addresses his shots he lays an iron across the top of his thighs to check alignment. He bands almost around his club, so as not too bend too low.

He will also make a few around-the-body swings as he tries to get the clubhead released through impact.