TG readers already making great improvements


The TG Most Improved Golfer competition launches on April 23 and many readers have already made massive improvements this year.

Thanks to our free Handicap Tracker service you can keep tabs on your progress and watch as the shots drop off your handicap.

All you have to do to be eligible to become Britain's most improved golfer and win thousands of pounds worth of prizes is sign up to Handicap Tracker for free.

Huge improvements are possible in conjunction with our Save Our Shots campaign in the magazine and here are three of the top performers so far in 2009:

» Leigh Gawley has dropped his handicap of 3.1 from 71 rounds last year to just 0.6 for his 16 rounds in 2009.

» James Lacey has carved a massive 12.9 strokes off his handicap and has played to 13.1 for his six rounds this year.

» Andrew White has halved his handicap from 13.6 to 6.9 in only 12 months.