Improve posture, ball position and grip for greater power


"The overall motion of your swing looks pretty good, but I feel you need to make some adjustments to your set up to achieve more consistency and power.

"Although the camera angle doesn't totally show it, your legs are overflexed with too much knee bend in a 'sitting' postion.

"Continue to use the 3 wood but position the ball more inside the opposite of your left heel and the shaft straight with your hands level or even a little behind the clubhead.

"Also, make a small adjustment to your left hand grip by rotating clockwise and seeing more knuckles (stronger).

"The combination of the improved posture, better ball postion and stronger grip should encourage a free rotation of your body delivering the clubhead in a sweeping shallower arc with clubface closing earlier to create more draw spin and distance.

"Through impact I would like you visualise a 'top spin' tennis shot or similar 'stone skimming' motion to develop the correct releasing feeling where the right side works under and through the shot. Best of luck with the changes."

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