Sonic Golf System-1


Take one look at the golf swings of Vijay Singh and Ernie Els and the first compliment you’d pay them would be on their rhythmic tempo. The pair manage colossal distances off the tee in a seemingly effortless fashion.

Tempo is vital in the swing for consistent ball-striking and precise distance control, but how can you teach an invisible swing component to the weekend golfer?

A system developed in the US called Sonic Golf System-1 may finally have the answer. Invented by physicist and keen golfer Dr Robert Gruber, Sonic Golf’s intelligent golf club insert uses audio feedback to create swing rhythm.

How does it work?

Your swing motion is transmitted from a club insert wirelessly to a belt-worn receiver with headset that converts your swing motion into continuous musical tones. Slow swings are low pitch, quiet tones. Swing faster and the pitch and volume gets higher.
With each swing you hear your own rhythm and tempo, backswing, downswing transition, and the timing and speed of your club head release. If you’re struggling to picture how the system works, check out the instruction video below.

PGA Tour star Vijay Singh started using the Sonic Golf System-1 in June 2008 and the effect was almost immediate. He went on to win three events late on in the season to secure the FedEx Cup.

“System-1 has helped me tremendously, “ Singh said. “I always had a good rhythm, but I never had a consistent rhythm. It’s making my swing a lot more consistent, not just with the driver but the whole game.”

If you struggle to achieve rhythm in your swing or control distance with your short irons, this system could just save your game.