John Daly suspended by PGA Tour


Popular American John Daly has claimed that the PGA Tour have suspended him for six months for "conduct unbecoming" in recent months.

The 42-year-old spent a night in jail last October after being found drunk outside a Hooters restaurant, the chain whose logo can often be seen emblazoned on Daly's shirts.

The PGA Tour do not comment on disciplinary issues and they have not denied the claims that were made on Daly's personal website.

Daly says he decided to make this public in order to assure fans and organisers in the US that he had not turned his back on them.

"This is the lowest I've ever been," he said. "Is it fair that I got suspended? It's not fair in reality, but it's probably fair in perception."

"Tim and his staff have to do what they do. But I wish Tim would get to know the facts better before he makes a decision."

"I would love to sit down and have a nice talk with him, tell him what really happened. But it seems perception is reality in the world today."

Daly, who hasn't played a PGA Tour event since October and has slipped to 744 in the world rankings, will now focus his attention on the European Tour.

"There's always light with me," he added. "Right now, my home tour is probably Europe. And I love the European tour. I always have. But my home is in the US and that's where I would rather play."